First of all let me introduce what is KOMTEP. It stands for Korea-Malaysia Teacher Exchange Programme. This programme under UNESCO-APCEIU has been going on for a few years and after 3 times applying for it alhamdulillah I was offered a spot for this year.

Before flying to South Korea, 10 teachers from Malaysia attended an orientation organized by Bahagian Pendidikan Guru (BPG) at Institut Aminuddin Baki in Nilai to prepare ourselves as representatives of Malaysia and Malaysian teachers. The burden was great but as a group everything is possible.

A few weeks before flying, I finally received information about where I will be posted. To my own delight, I was chosen to be in Gyeongju. It’s a province known as an “open museum” because it was Silla Dynasty’s capital (similar to Melaka in Malaysia). In 2011 I was there with abonim so the feeling of going back to a place I’ve been before brings lots of memories.

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#14 on 50 Things about Korea – Pepero Day (빼빼로 데이)

In Korea, there are many special days celebrated, sometimes for no special reasons at all. And Pepero Day is the exact example of such celebration. But it’s kind of cute how they make 11.11 (11th day of November) special. So yes, Pepero Day is celebrated on 11.11 every year. And this year, it is even more special, with not four, but six “1” < 11.11.11 >. The number “1” represent the Pepero stick.

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Seoul-Busan Backpacking 2011 – Food (Part II)

Hi everyone.

It’s a super busy day at work (school), but I feel the urge to blog about this today. So when the idea comes, I should quickly put it into writing, or else it will go missing. LOL. Plus, this weekend I will be busy with some Kpop related event (shall enlighten that to you soon), so I hope I can finish this post today.

As I said in my previous post about food, finding Halal food is not an easy task in Korea, unless you’re in Itaewon, but it’s not an impossible task to do too. If you know how, you can actually find food that Muslim can consume.

Be confident of what you’re eating, if you have a slight doubt about the ingredient and/or the utensils used in the process of making the food, then I suggest you not to consume it. Of course, avoid the obvious, such as meat (any kinds), ham, et cetera.

Korean Halal Logo

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Seoul – Busan Backpacking 2011 – Universities


What a boring title. LOL. I bet those who have been reading my posts will automatically turn off the moment you saw the post title. Haha. I promise I’ll write this as interesting as I can so that I won’t bore you. This won’t be a long post too, because I just wanna share with you the universities and college that I went to during our one-week trip.

You must be wondering what me and my friends did at the universities we went to. I assure you we didn’t enroll in some short course or anything, haha. Some we went for a specific reason (eherm.. k-entertainment related) and some for sight seeing and learning (about the Korean culture et cetera).

Sook Myung Women’s University, Seoul (숙명여자대학교)

The Second Foundation Campus

Sook Myung Dae is just a few stations away from Myeongdong and we were in this university to attend a concert. Yes, CONCERT! But the concert was not of any Kpop idols with dancing boys or girls on stage, it was an awesome acoustical or unplugged concert by “EZ Hyung and 10cm”.


The Concert Poster

Who are they? Perhaps that’s exactly what came into your mind right now. But I shall leave you with that question till I write a post on that awesome concert later. I’m sure you can find some info on them if you are diligent enough to surf Google. 🙂

Sook Myung Women’s University, as the name suggested, is a university only for female students. It’s a private university situated in Yongsan-gu, Seoul and was found in 1906, as Korea’s first royal private educational institution for women.

There are two main campus for Sook Myung Women’s University and both are situated opposite each other. We went to The Second Foundation Campus where Theater S in the The Art Center was situated. Theater S was the venue for the concert.

Finding the university was not hard, we took a cab from the Sook Myung station and the fare was only 2,400 won (divided by 4, so 600 won each). But finding the concert venue was even harder as even the students didn’t know there was a concert there. LMAO. Plus we were all so tired (and grumpy) from climbing up and down TWO HILLS earlier, it makes things even worse.

But as soon as the concert started, and we heard EZ Hyung’s super soothing voice, all the tiredness disappeared. Hehe. I’ll write a fan account of that concert soon.

Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul (성균관 대학교)

The Entrance to Sungkyunkwan University

Yes, Sungkyunkwan from the famous KBS drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” starring Yoo Ah In, Micky Yoochun, Park Min Young and Song Joong Ki. To say that I’m a big fan of the drama would be overrated, but I enjoyed watching it. So having the chance to visit the university where most of the scenes were filmed at kind of made me excited.

We reached the university quite early, on empty tummies. (-_-“) But there were just so much memories on the quartet I kept on touring around the area. I don’t really know what else to say about this university, so let the pictures do the talking shall we? Hehe.


The Dormitory in Sungkyungkwan

Yours truly

best friend forevah, Shambie

Bahie's S-line - wooohooo!!

Kyungsung University, Busan (경성대학교)

Kyungsung Student Union Hall

Thanks to Abonim, we managed to have a FIRST CLASS tour around this university. His friend took us for lunch and then every place we visited, there’s one officer in charge of explaining to us. Wooohooo. Kyungsung University was not in our itinerary (I haven’t even heard about it before), but I can’t thank Abonim enough for bringing us there.

Perhaps me being a teacher made Abonim excited to show us to this university. Prior to this visit, we even went to a primary school near his apartment and had a guided tour by the vice principal too. Hehe. I enjoyed both visits, because education is my field, but I don’t know about my travel buddies. I sincerely hope they enjoyed the tour too.


A cup of coffee after lunch in Kyungsung Dae

A visit to Kyungsung University, we were brought to its Cultural Museum. Abonim and his friend were amazed at how “literate” we were (okay maybe just Erenah – LOL) about the Korean culture. They even commented that even Korean youngsters don’t know what we do. Awwwwww.. what a compliment. Maybe I should just live in Korea?

We visited the Bird Museum too. There were thousands of bird species in the museum and man we were very amazed just by the fact that there’s a Bird Museum in a university!

A visit to the library was very fascinating too. The fact that Abonim and our guide prefer to climb up the stairs fascinated us too, when actually there’s an elevator in the library. LOL. Abonim, who’s (I think) fascinated about our religion too (after knowing we had some restrictions in Islam), offered me to look for the Quran. A librarian helped me find it, and we found a Korean Tafsir (Quran translated/interpreted into Korean) and I thought it’s very amazing.


The Korean Tafseer Quran

We were so overwhelmed by the tour, we didn’t even ask Abonim what is his friend’s name. Abonim, we know we have thanked him that day, but if you’re reading this could you tell him we said thanks A LOT for the memorable tour? And also for the refreshing kiwi and orange juice at the cafe! LOL

Seoul Institute of The Arts (서울예술대학)

Seoul Institute of The Arts (Seoul Arts) was founded by Chi-Jin Yoo in 1962. To those who are not “CNBLUE-literate” (lol) must be wondering why did I visited this university. Hehe. Seoul Arts was the filming location for the upcoming MBC drama, “Heartstrings” starring CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk and also actress Park Shinhye.

I was hoping to be able to watch the filming, but yeah, luck was never on my side. The day I went to visit Seoul Arts, there was no filming at all so me, Shambie and Saturn onnie just walk around the campus. The next day, the casts filmed the whole day, from morning till night. Me and my bad timing, AGAIN. (-_-“)

Unlike all the universities I visited before, Seoul Arts is VERY DIFFERENT. In a good way, that is. The campus is not too big, and it gives a very cozy and calm feeling when you walk around it. Once in a while you’ll be shocked though. Juniors here will greet their Sunbaes (seniors) in a VERY LOUD voice, so if you’re around when they did that, don’t be alarmed. It’s just their way to show respect to the seniors. LOL

About two weeks after I came back from the trip, the producer of the drama invites the fans to watch the filming. My friends were in Seoul at that time and I arranged their meeting with Saturn onnie to visit the Ansan campus where Seoul Arts is located. I shall not elaborate more on this because this is too heartbreaking for me.

* * * * *

These visits to the educational centers made my trip even more meaningful. Some are not planned, but turned out to be the best tour I had. Though some of my plans didn’t fall through during this trip, I was grateful enough to be able to visit these four universities. 🙂

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Seoul-Busan Backpacking 2011 – Coffee.Cafe.Caffe.

Hi all,

Today I’m just gonna update you with a short entry. But I think this short entry will make you know Koreans better. Hehe. Why? Because I think cafes are like a part of their lifestyle now. It had been ours too throughout our short stay in Korea, as we frequent Starbucks so much during our trip.

Walking around Seoul, you’ll see people holding their own cup of coffee almost all the time. And most of the time, they will be drinking Americano. Why Americano? I have yet to figure that out but every time I go into a cafe to buy my drink, there will always be locals asking for that drink, A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-O. Hehehe.

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Seoul-Busan Backpacking 2011 – Food

Hi everyone..

Is this my fourth write up? Fifth? Hehe. Let’s just stop counting. Don’t know how long this would take me to finish but I hope I could do it fast coz suddenly I feel like there is still so much more to share with everyone about Korea. 🙂 For this entry, I will talk about FOOD. A rather sensitive issue for Muslim travelling in South Korea, where only a small percentage of the citizens are Muslims.

This would probably be the most popular question I would get when I mentioned about travelling to Korea; “Is it easy to find HALAL food there?” My answer would always be the same. It’s hard, but it’s possible. Meaning you CAN FIND halal food in South Korea, but of course there are not as many choices as those in Malaysia.

Don’t expect to find a restaurant with Halal logo because it’s almost impossible in central Seoul. You will need to go to Itaewon where most restaurants operated by Muslims are situated. There are a variety of choices here and most of the menus are suitable with our taste palette (Indian food, Pakistani, Middle Eastern) et cetera.

However, if you’re like me, who wants to taste the local food when you’re in Korea, here are some suggestions. After all what’s the use of coming to Korea if you can’t eat its food,right? Food has always been one of my reasons to visit Korea. So here are the list of food that I have eaten during my stay in Seoul, Gyeongju and Busan.

Ttokbokki (떡볶이) – Spicy Rice Cake

Ttokbokki - Spicy Rice Cake

You would always see this dish if you’re a Korean drama addict. Ttokbokki is a very popular street food usually sold in stalls on the streets in a big and deep rectangular pans. You won’t miss the ahjummas (or even ahjusshis) making this spicy and hot dish. Ttok means rice cake. It’s a type of Korean rice cake made from glutinous rice flour or plain rice flour, steamed and made into big rod-like shapes.

You should be careful however when buying the ttokbokki. Look into the pan carefully. Usually the ttok are cooked with fish cakes, which means it’s perfectly fine for us Muslims to eat. But there are some who mixed the ttokbokki with Korean sausage (순대 – soondae) which is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. So do check the ingredients before you buy the ttokbokki.

Kimbap (김밥) – Rolled Rice in Seaweed

1,500 won per roll. Veges+fried egg kimbap

Kimbap is probably our equals to rice during our stay in Korea. Or maybe just for me and Shambie. We would eat kimbap everyday bought from the nearest 김밥천국 (Kimbab Heaven) near our guest house. If you’re staying in Myeongdong area, take Exit 4 and you won’t miss this outlet. Also if you’re staying at Namsan Guest House like I did, it’s just a few minutes walk from it.

I think this place is used to having Muslim customers so when I asked for kimbap-minus-the-ham, the ahjumma quickly understands my request. “Ham pae-go?” she asked. Which means leave out the ham? I said yes. You could just tell the ahjumma “ahjumonim, ham shiro-yo” which means I don’t want the ham. Alternatively, ask for tuna kimbap (참치 김밥 – cham chi kimbap) from the ahjumma. The price here is very reasonable and you have a lot to choose from the menu.

Jang-eo-gui (장어구이) – Grilled Eel


super duper delicious eels made our mouths water

This was our scrumptious lunch in Gangnam. Freshwater eel is a delicacy in South Korea and is super duper expensive. A kilo of this costs a fortune so we were really shocked us when we found out about it. Thanks to Appa (Oggy’s foster father) we got to taste this super-duper-finger-licking-good dish.

The eels were still moving and wriggling when they were put on the fire, so it was actually a new sight to us. LOL. The ahjumma at the restaurant skillfully grilled the eels for us. When they are ready, we eat it in vegetable wraps, with salad and also sesame leaves. The taste?? M-I-N-D B-L-O-W-I-N-G!!!Oh my goodness, writing about this made me salivating all of a sudden. Haha.

A fun fact about the eels. I asked Appa why Koreans (especially the men) love to eat the eel’s tail. He laughed at my question and told us it’s because the tail is believed to be good for their “stamina” if you know what I mean. *wink* LOL. *blushed*

Chu-eo-tang (추어탕) – Mud Fish/Loach Stew


Tastes like Laksa gravy. lol

After finishing an eel each (at first we thought one eel for each person is not enough – but we were so wrong!) Eating eel on its own might not make you full, but try eating it with wraps, it will surely make your tummy burst. But Appa said it doesn’t end there.

The ahjumma brought us a bowl or Chu-eo-tang EACH. We were all like, HUHHHH??? More food?? Thank god Appa was being considerate and ordered only 3 bowls of rice so we shared them (he would’ve ordered 6 bowls of them if it’s according to the locals’ appetite.) Hhhnnnnggg.

The chu-eo-tang is surprisingly good, and tasted very much like the laksa gravy we have in Malaysia. The “tang” – meaning stew – was made from grounded mud fish or loach and made into stew/soup and added with some herbs. But it was not as sour as the Laksa Penang. The taste is just nice for me.

Soon Dubu Chigae (순두부찌개) – Soft Tofu Stew

Soon Dubu Chigae - Soft Tofu Stew

This was our lunch in Gyeongju. It’s soft tofu soup/stew, mixed with eggs, dried shrimps and some vegetables/herbs. The taste is a bit bland, perhaps because Abonim (our foster father in Busan) purposely asked for a non-spicy dish for us. To be honest, I think Korean’s level of hotness (in terms of food) is rather acceptable to us Malaysians. If they said it’s spicy, perhaps for us in Malaysia it’s just a mild taste of pepper/chili. But IDK, this is just my opinion.

The dish was served with a few banchan (side dishes) and a bowl of rice. O-M-G. Try having rice with a bowl of tofu+egg soup. Too much for me I think, sadly I could’t finish all (which made me guilty for wasting the food). Huhu.

This is something that I can make at home. Just a simple dish of boiling tofu,egg,dried shrimp and some vegetables. Very healthy, and fulfilling.


Bbopki (뽑기) – Sweet Candy

Sweet Treats - Bbobki @ Myeongdong

Bbopki is a candy made from mixing sugar and baking soda on a ladle over a fire. Once the mix is melted, it’s poured on a flat surface and made into a flat disk with various shapes stamped on it. Sometimes it’s also molded onto a stick to make it like a lollipop.

It tastes sweet, but with a tinge of bitterness in it, which I kinda like. And you might be wondering why the vendors stamped the shapes on the candy. There’s definitely a reason. 🙂 Take some time to sit at the vendor stall and try to take out the shape without cracking the figures. If you managed to do it, I’m told you will get one piece of bbopki free. LOL. Though I got one anyway because the ahjumma was surprised I told her I like the candy. Hehe.

This sweet candy costs 1,000 won a piece and you can see vendors selling them in Myeongdong.

Gyeongju Bbang (경주빵) – Gyeongju Bread

A must have if you ever go to Gyeongju!

Thankfully, we managed to squeeze Gyeongju into our 7-day-itinerary in South Korea. Gyeongju is a beautiful city with lots of monuments for you to visit. It’s very tranquil here and picturesque. If you have the chance, take the free bus tour here. You won’t regret it (take the tour bus, as going around on your own might be hard – we had Abonim to tour us around).

You will see lots of outlets selling Gyeongju Bbang (bread). So after touring the city, while waiting for our friends, I asked Abonim what’s so special about Gyeongju bread? He said according to him it tastes like any other bread, so he didn’t really get it why Gyeongju bread is so special. LOL. But he bought us a box anyway, and I think the warm bread tastes so nice.

It’s the usual bread with red bean paste filling, but I guess WHERE you eat it matters. Having Gyeongju bread in Gyeongju, perhaps made it tastes a bit more delicious? Hehe.

Hodo Gwaja (호두과자) – Walnut Cake


Yummy Walnut Cake at the rest stop on the way to Gyeongju

On our way to Gyeongju, Abonim stopped at a rest area to get ourselves a bottle of water each. He also bought us a packet of these heavenly walnut cake. The cake was still hot from oven and we even got free pieces from the seller onnie. Ahhhh, sometimes it’s nice to be a foreigner! LOL

The cake was in the shape of a walnut (what else?) and its filling was made from red bean paste, but there’s a piece of walnut in each of the cake. We could not stop eating the cake. Haha. If you ever found this in your trip to Seoul, do try it!!

Deli Manjoo (델리만쥬) – Corn Shaped Cake with Cream Filling

You can get this at Myeongdong Station

I would say me and Shambie literally ADDICTED to this during our stay in Seoul. A packet of Deli Manjoo costs 3,000 won, was just not enough for the two of us. We finished them in a blink of an eye.

You can find the Deli Manjoo stall at the Myeongdong Subway Underground Shopping arcade. You won’t miss it as it is situated just outside the exit from the subway. The ahjummas at this stall were all very nice and friendly.

You can buy 3,000 won packet (I think about 9 pieces) or the 7,000 won packet. Eat this while it’s still warm. Guaranteed to satisfy you. 🙂

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Seoul Backpacking 2011 – Places (Part III)


Ahhhh.. fourth write up and I hope you will not be bored with my writing. I wish I could write better, in a more interesting way but I think this is the best that I can do. To those who are ‘waiting’ for the updates, thank you so much. It means a lot to know that somebody is actually reading my posts. 🙂

Someone actually commented on my recent post and told me that she’s gonna fly to Korea tonight. What’s more, she’s going to Jeju too, not just Seoul and Busan. And she will be in Korea for TEN days! Ahhhhh, Min darling, I envy you so much. If you’re reading this know that I envy you (in a good way – lol) and I hope that you will have the time of your life there. And thanks for ‘stalking’ me. Hehe.

Let’s get on with what I promised in the previous post, shall we?

Apgujeong, Gangnam

Apgujeong is the center of everything high-class in my opinion. And I guess most Koreans share the same thoughts. Apgujeong is not the best place to shop, as prices of goods are slightly higher here. But if you’re a Kpop addict, this place is a must.


Busy Gangnam area, where Apgujeong is located

Why? Because this is where most celebrities spend their times at, but I’m sad to inform you that I’ve been here twice and not once have I even encountered any celebrities. LOL. Here, you can find most of shops or galleries that belonged to celebrities. I don’t know why they chose to open the shops here, perhaps because it’s more ‘classy’?

I met my sister Oggy in Gangnam and we had a finger-licking good lunch with her foster father (I will write more about this in the next entry on food). After we had filled our bellies till they were about to burst, we started our quest to look for celebrities shops. Walking all the way to Apgujeong is possible but as always, we learned it the hard way. “Near”, “close”, “just 5 minutes walk” mean very different in my dictionary, unlike the locals. 5 or 7 or 10 minutes walk up and down the hill is no joke.

Tired, but I enjoyed the company. Meeting Oggy was fun and she helped A LOT in searching for the places that are in my friend’s itinerary. The first place we found was JYJ Micky Yoochun’s Timeout Gelato outlet. First, you could see lots of Yoochun’s photos (what else?) and also lots of gifts from fans. And the gelato (ice cream)?? SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS!! There were a lot of flavors and I think the one I liked the most was “Snickers”. It REALLY taste like Snickers bar!! LOL


Full house and people actually had to wait to sit down!

After finishing the gelatos, we head out to seek more outlets. With the help of Oggy’s iPad, we found Shinhwa’s Kyochon fried chicken outlet. We couldn’t get in though since we were not planning on eating there (you need to purchase something in order to sit down and leisurely take photos). The fried chicken was obviously non-halal, but even if it was we were too full to eat anyway.


KyoChon Fried Chicken from outside. I could only see Dongwan

“Mission Kyochon” failed,okay half-failed, so we continued on with our journey. Oggy had to leave for Incheon so we said our goodbyes after getting off the bus (yes, bus! not subway!). Next up was to meet Saturn, who is living in that area. I was so excited to finally meet the SUPER BOICE and I know lots of Boice in my Twitter timeline wished they had the same opportunity too.

Saturn Onnie picked us up and drove us around Gangnam. She took us to Cafe Manolin that belongs to Goo Hye Sun (or her sister?). It was almost impossible (at least to me) to find the cafe if it was not for Saturn Onnie. Even she was amazed that my friend found out about that cafe when she, who is living very near to it, has no idea who it belongs to. LOL. (I will share info on this Cafe in a speacial post on Cafes).

So yeah, foreign fans do go to the extremes when it comes to digging stuff related to Kpop. I can almost literally imagine what Koreans felt when foreign fans’ knowledge about places in Korea surpass theirs. orz OTL orz


People have been talking a lot about how famous Hongdae area is. How ‘hip and happening’ this place is. So, on Sunday me and Shambie head out early to visit the area. The verdict? Hongdae is a DEAD place. Haha. The fault is 100% on our side.

Never, ever go to Hongdae in early morning (11 am is considered early in this place!) What’s even worse, don’t ever go to Hongdae in early morning, on SUNDAY. The place is as quiet as a cemetery at that time. Shops, galleries and any outlets here are either closed on Sundays or open VERY late.

Hongdae stands for Hongik Daehakkyo (meaning Hongik University). The area is big like any other place, and it’s very much alive especially from midnight onward. It’s supposed to be a place where indie bands and performers do their thing but at night, this place is so noisy with clubs, bars et cetera.

One of my wish is to actually watch people basking during the day, but we came on the wrong day, and the wrong time so I guess Hongdae should be in my itinerary the next time I come to Korea (wonder when that would be).

After taking the wrong exit from Hongdae station, me and Shambie had to walk further to find the one and only place we were interested to in Hongdae, Coffee Prince Cafe. Thanks to one blessed soul, he showed us the way and we managed to find the cafe. Thank you Oppa, whoever you are!

We arrived in front of the cafe slightly before noon and it was still closed and no one seemed to be around. Had we went there a bit later, we would have been able to go into the cafe and imagine Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye in it. LOL. Ahhh, either way were already satisfied. The plan to have brunch in Coffee Prince Cafe had to be cancelled.


Still closed. But happy enough to find it

So after a little rest and some cam-whoring, we head out to our favorite place (read: Family Mart) to get our tummy filled. Bought myself a Kim Tak Gu bread and Starbucks coffee. We planned to visit the 3D Museum and Cat Cafe, but neither seems to be opened (and TBH we don’t really know where to find them -lmao) so as our ‘theme’ of the trip is FREE and EASY, we went to the nearest subway and went back to Myeongdong. Take a rest in the room for a while and head out for Namsan Tower in the afternoon.


Kim Tak Gu bread and Starbucks latte

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)


N Seoul Tower .. a must..

A trip to Namsan Tower is a must!! There I’ve said it. Perhaps it’s the most rewarding and interesting place Shambie and I had visited all throughout our trip this time. Just make sure you reach the top before or at 3pm.

Reason being, there’s always a traditional martial arts performance at that time and you can experience that with your own eyes. The traditional martial arts show are performed everyday except Monday. Make sure to watch it. I enjoyed it so much!

Going to the tower is rather easy. If you’re staying at Namsan Guest House just walk up the hilly alley until you find the cable car station. We arrived there at around 2pm and the queue was VERRRRRRYYYY long! And then it hit us, it was Sunday so of course, even the locals are out enjoying their weekend. But the wait was totally worth it. We arrived at the top at exactly 3pm and managed to watch the show.


View from the cable car going up Namsan

There’s a Teddy Bear Museum on top too. We did not go in though, but I thought it’s kind of interesting too. Check out the N Seoul Tower gift shop and you can find some cheap souvenirs to give to your family or friends back home. But not all are low in price. 🙂


These cute fridge magnets cost 1,000 won for 3 pieces!


If you look carefully you can find affordable souvenirs

A visit to N Seoul Tower is not complete if you don’t visit the “Love Keys/Padlocks” area. It was featured in some drama or movie and it’s a fun site to watch. I managed to “stole” one key and wrote my ‘love’ hope on it. LOL. Why do people put padlocks here? It’s so that their hearts will be “locked” to each other and that their love will last. Hehe. IDK to what extent this belief is true. The most important thing is what you really feel inside.

Symbol of Love?

Happy on the outside, BURNING on the inside. LOL


You will find this at the Love Key area

Korean Martial Arts Performance @ N Seoul Tower

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