feat. Lee Beom Soo (이범수)


if someone were to ask me who my favourite korean male actor is, i will definitely say it’s Lee Beom Soo. 우리 아주씨 [uri ahjusshi] !! my all-time favourite Ahjusshi. well, i have to be honest that there are still a few Oppas that always melt my heart, but this Ahjusshi of mine, i tell you,never fails to flatter me.

i can’t really remember which drama or movie that made me fell for him. this is because he acted in so many of them, but perhaps the most memorable must be in 200 Pounds Beauty which he played the taxi driver who was smitten by Kim A-joong’s smile, despite the fact that he was injured by her and blood running down his face. *laugh!* there were some other comedic acts from him, which he delivered really well and made me laugh and smile.

another memorable discovery is when i found out that he acted in SG Wannabe’s mv, Arirang. my, oh my.. i cried watching the mv! he acted so well in that [very long] mv, i couldn’t stop crying. there’s this ‘x’ factor Beom Soo Ahjusshi has that always makes my heart goes *doogoon,doogoon* everytime i watch him.

so, when i found out 8tv was airing ‘On Air’, i almost jump out of happiness. uri Ahjusshi, now i got to see him in action on national tv..! i even ignored the fact that it is airing in mandarin, just because my Ahjusshi is in it! and i was satisfied with the drama, it’s by far, one of the best k-dramas ever. the ‘tingling’ feeling is different, unlike how i felt when i watch the pretty boys in Boy Over Flower, because the storyline is much more complex than BOF.

i wish my Ahjusshi well in his career. his latest activity is, if i’m not mistaken, a movie that co-starred Kwon Sang Woo. ‘Sadder Than Sadness’. i’m sure he’s gonna be awesome in it. as always! 아주씨,파이팅!!


anyway here’s SG Wannabe‘s Arirang.


3 thoughts on “feat. Lee Beom Soo (이범수)

    • pauline,
      yup he is handsome and most importantly TALENTED!
      i like all his dramas and movies and music videos [which he acted in], as they are all varied.

      thanks for dropping by!

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