Happy Black Day.


today is April 14, BLACK DAY. don’t fret, because it’s south korean’s official day for single people. lol. i find it rather cute for them to be having this special day to ‘celebrate’ single people [like yours truly]. it’s to make those who did not receive anything on valentine’s day and white day [March 14] to feel ‘maybe a bit happier’ because today they’ll hangout together and eat jajangmyeon [chinese noodle with thick black sauce] like k-popped crew had during their seoul trip last year.


man, does this mean i have to have jajangmyeon today? hehehehe. seoul is too far away, perhaps i’ll do my own version of jajangmyeon just to ease myself from my ‘bf-less’ life. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

ah, no sweat. i’ll just enjoy myself with MAC’s current hit, Melody first.. really puts me on the good vibes today..


4 thoughts on “Happy Black Day.

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