feat. Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)


people who are not familiar with korean entertainment scene might ‘die of heart attack’ if i tell them the number of members in this famous korean boy band. lol. get this; there are THIRTEEN members altogether. 13, i tell you! rotfl. i too, was shocked when i knew about this, i found it rather absurd to have that many people performing on the stage together. but, to my own surprise too, i’m loving them more each day. all 13 of them. for further read: click here. yup, wikipedia has abundant info on them. so, let’s not be redundant now, shall we? 🙂

Super Junior (SuJu) had just come out with their 3rd album, ‘Sorry,Sorry,Sorry’ which is currently on repeat mode in my playlist. i was sceptical at first, thinking it’s not going to be good, which was exactly what i thought the first time i heard the song. but after their ‘comeback stage’ on KBS’ music bank, i took back my words. and their performance..? wow. yup, that’s what they did. they ‘wow’ed me alright. more than 10 people performing together, singing and dancing, well…nobody can outdone SuJu i guess.

prior to their latest album, due to the many members of the group, their management company, SM Entertainment had divided them into subgroups [well, this is only possible in south korea, i guess] namely Super Junior KRY, Super Junior T(rot), Super Junior M(andarin) and Super Junior H(appy). i was only familiar with SuJu H, because of their catchy single ‘Cooking, Cooking’.

but the one thing that made me love this group even more is because of the movie “Attack On the Pin-Up Boys“.. lol. just thinking about the movie, i got excited. the storyline is so absurd, but funny at the same time. and given all those cute faces in one movie [minus Eeteuk and Kyuhyun], this light movie is one that you should see if you’re looking for a good laugh [but in a disgusting way, mind you]. rotfl.

if someone were to ask me which group member is my favourite, i really can’t name only one. i love heechul, for his cuteness,sometimes for his ‘bad boy’ image and the fact that he’s so funny. i like shindong, because of his awesome dance moves [despite the fact that he’s the chubbiest in the group] and he’s also funny. kang-in for his voice, hangeng for his cute korean accent [he’s the only Chinese member], donghae for his ‘Yul-goon’-like face [read:Goong’s Prince Yul] and others for various reasons.


in 2008, SuJu came to Genting Highlands, Malaysia to receive their MTV Awards for Favorite Korean Artist. hehe, i liked all nominations for that category; Big Bang, Wonder Girls, SNSD. but was satisfied SuJu won nonetheless.

now, time for some SuJu [not soju!] ..enjoy!




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