Joon Ji Hoon’s on drugs.



reading dramabeans and kpopped today was so frustrating. i mean, the news about Joon Ji Hoon (Goong) got busted for drug use really disappoint me. JJH is one of my favourite male actors, and he did leave a big impact on me when he acted in Goong.

Goong had been THE reason i came to love kdrama even more than i used to before [i watched All About Eve, Stairway To Heaven, Lovers In Paris etc]. but Goong really made me fell in love with kdrama all over again. and with JJH being a cold hearted [yet so sweet] prince and husband, i couldn’t ask for more.

so this news about him being on drugs, really hit me. i mean, it feels like someone just stabbed a knife into my heart. that’s how frustrated i am when i read about this. what got me even more frustrated is the fact that he has two movies that i’m really looking forward to watch. so, since this thing happen, he could say bye-bye to his career.

my goodness, as i’m writing this i feel so frustrated with him. 오빠, why did you do it?! was it so hard keeping up with your schedule that you resulted to drugs? or did you [stupidly] just wanna try something new? just hope you don’t take your own life after this [which is not impossible due to the pressure]..

aigoooooo.. i’m so, so sad.


5 thoughts on “Joon Ji Hoon’s on drugs.

  1. i just read an article about this…seems that there are still more to come…7-8 out of 15 seems to be artists too…they got the drugs from the model, yeh. from what is being reported, their popularity no less than joo ji hoon. @.@
    I pray not those i favoured! omg…i can’t believe the lines of words…

  2. fizzyyyyyyyy..

    dah beralih arah ke wordpress plak.. 😉

    lamanya tak sembang ngan fizzy kan.. pe cite skang?

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