new K-craze: me2day [미투대이]

The main reason I sorta ‘deserted’ this blog was because of “Facebook”. I’m so addicted to it I didn’t even bother to update any of my blogs, whether here, or in my personal blog. News and updates ‘travel’ so fast in Facebook that sometimes I couldn’t even keep up. But that’s what I like about it. And I guess people just hate to have to login in order to comment in blogs, as you can do it effortlessly in Facebook. (am I like..the Facebook ‘ambassador’ or what here?! LOL)

I got to know lots of new friends there, and we exchange our support and undying ♥  to Kpop through posts and pictures. It was fun and always made my day. 😀

One day I came across a comment in one of my friends’ post saying that she has a “me2day” account. Curious, I quickly Google-d for it and found out that “me2day” is Korean’s equivalent to the mighty “Twitter”. As I’m not really a fan of Twitter, I thought I should give “me2day” a try. The interface and settings are all in Hangeul. That fact might be a ‘downside’ to some, but on the contrary, it makes me want to join it even more. To me, it’s sort of my chance to make my Hanguk Mal better. And also, getting myself ‘closer’ to Hanguk sarami [people– and by it I meant “G-Dragon”  and “SHINee” in particular at that time. LOL]

So, almost all of my FB-Kpoppers friends made their own “me2day” account that couple of days and getting “jealous” of each other when G-Dragon or SHINee commented on their page. LOL. It was fun. Indeed “me2day” is more ‘happening’ to me than Twitter. And the craze/addiction got me digging for more info about “me2day”. I’ll share with you guys later.


mitu hom

me2day home page



my me2day page.




7 thoughts on “new K-craze: me2day [미투대이]

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