[me2day] me2day to facebook

I am seriously ADDICTED to me2day now. SEVERELY ADDICTED.  I would Google for ways to make my me2day useful and easier to use. I came across an article somewhere [that I couldn’t recall], that “me2day” is in Facebook. I was so happy I almost jump for joy. Haha.

I quickly search for “me2day” in Facebook and assa!! It’s an application, which means it can be connected with me2day in any way. Then it strucked me. Since “me2day” is like Twitter, so updates/status must be in sync; meaning it can work the same like Twitter does. So to my fellow “me2day” crazed friends, here goes my first tutorial. 😀

First of all, please key in “me2day” in the Facebook search box. Once you are redirected to the application, please do as follows.


Now that you have done all of that, all you need to do is go into your me2day page, and write the status. Notice the smaller column underneath? It is actually the TAG column. That’s where you type 2fb.


Once you key in the tag, the status will appear in your Facebook and your status with  “via me2day” will be visible. Yup! It’s that simple!! 😀 And if you want to mention your friend in the status, just type the name, for example /G-Dragon/. But the name won’t have any link in Facebook. It’ll only appear in me2day.

I hope this helps. There are more to come. So wait up! 😉

16 thoughts on “[me2day] me2day to facebook

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    • hi,tetel!!

      i have yet to figure out how to sync twitter to me2day or vice versa.
      i’ve tried using FriendFeed, but it’s much hassle!

      as for me2day and facebook, you can go to the application in facebook,and enable it.
      then, just write the tag “2fb” in your me2day message to sync them.

      i’ll try to explain better in a post.
      for the time being, hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve seen a similar tutorial somewhere too, but the problem is, my me2DAY updates can’t seem to show on fb! I’ve followed all the steps, and at the end, I get this message:

    “잘 연동되었습니다!
    미투데이에 2fb 태그를 달아 포스팅해보세요 😉
    최근 1일동안의 포스트에 2fb 태그를 달면 바로 상태가 갱신될 것입니다.
    단, 마지막으로 연동한 포스트 이후의 글만 가져오므로 여러번 테스트하려면 연동을 끊었다 말았다 해야할 것입니다.”

    I’ve tried it before last time, and it didn’t work either, so I got fed up and gave up. Now I try again, and it still doesn’t work. =(
    Am I the only one having these problems? *shifty eyes*

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  5. i have a question i just did waht you said but it seems that facebook is different already and i dont know what iam going to do your instruction is different from what is on facebook please help me thank you please email me kimbe_90@yahoo.com.ph

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