I hate it when I made a promise that I know I can fulfill, but I let it slide till it’s too late. Just like this blog. I repeatedly promised myself to update it on a regular basis, but still no progress whatsoever. Hopefully that’s going to change now. I seriously hope so.

Thank god, the date for our trip to Seoul is finalized. Me and my friends will be flying to Seoul on March 13th. Postponed one day from the earlier date given to us. No a problem for me though since it’s still in the school holidays. 🙂 We’ll be there for exactly four days, though the trip is until the 18th (6 days). The first and last day will be spent on board, so, we only have four FULL days to tour Seoul.

Let me tell you a little bit about the itineraries. What interests me most is the visit toKimchi School on the 3rd day. I’ve tried making my own kimchi for a few times already, but without using the authentic ingredients. So having to be there is definitely worthwhile for yours truly. I get to taste what korean kimchi really taste like (I doubt the kimchis I’ve eaten in Korean restaurants in Malaysia is authentic. They must have ‘fusion’ it to suit the Malaysians taste buds. and by doing so, it’s not 100% authentic anymore, imho).

We’ll be visiting Gyeongbokgung,which is a castle in the Joseon era. What is so exciting about that? Apart from the prospect of taking great pictures there, I’ve been dying to go to such places since the day I watched “Goong/Princess Hours”. Please Google for the drama if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Goong is THE drama that makes me fell for Korea, especially the Korean culture.

Shopping is not to be forgotten. We’ll be going to Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun. I don’t know what to expect here. From my little knowledge of Korea, Myeongdong is a fashion street (or was it Hong-ik??). And both Dongdaemun and Namdaemun are old markets. I think I’m gonna practice my ‘charm’ to the Ahjummas there. I’d practice my Hangeul there, while buying stuff from Ahjummas. Omo, I can’t wait!

I’ll be back with “50 Things You Need To Know About Korea” posts later. It’s a list that I made myself. A list that I hope will help my friends who’ll be joining me to Seoul in March. Wait for it, guys. Till then,

안녕히 가세요!


8 thoughts on “Promises..약속.

  1. hi….come across ur blog..hehe
    ure going to korea? wow..!! amazing!! it a package? if it is, how much do it cause? hehehe

    • hi there..
      yup, i’m going there through travel agent..
      you can join if you want..the seats are available!
      hehehe.. the package costs RM3620-all included.
      flight tickets,hotel,food,entrance fees.
      let me know if you’re interested!
      we’re flying 13th of march!

  2. wah!!!!
    is it???? too gooddd!!
    hehehe i’m still a student…n dosent have that lots of money…
    but then love if one day i can visit it too…hehe
    by the tell ur journey ok? it will be much fun when i read ur experience there! hehehe
    all da best!!! =)

  3. just stumbled upon your blog. i was in seoul last feb and loved everything about it. have fun visiting korea! i hade some writeups/ tips on traveling there but i doubt you are traveling with kids 🙂

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