#5 on 50 Things about Korea – Bulgogi (불고기)

In my opinion, besides Kimchi, Bulgogi is probably the most well-known Korean dish among foreigners worldwide or to be more specific to the likes of me. Hehehe. This meal is constantly featured in dramas and Korean TV shows and the way it is eaten is definitely making it looks ten times more delicious.

This signature Korean meal is made of thinly sliced beef, marinated in sweetened soy sauce and grilled on a small barbecue grill attached on the table. Once the beef is cooked, it is enjoyed by wrapping it in a lettuce or sesame leaf along with garlic and other side dishes like Kimchi.

Watching people eating Bulgogi never failed to make me drool. Especially when the meat is wrapped in lettuce and one had to open his/her mouth widely for the big wrap to fit in. Totally mouth watering.

I doubt I’ll be eating any Bulgogi in Korea later, due to Halal factor. But thank god I’ve been to local restaurants that serves Bulgogi and I really enjoyed it. It is delicious but I still *heart* Kimchi more. Lol.

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