#7 on 50 Things about Korea – The Blue House (청와대)

Pardon the super-delayed update. I have been busy with school work lately. Now that the much anticipated long weekend is here, I’d better finish what I’ve started. #7 on my list is none other than The Blue House a.k.a 청와대 (Cheongwadae).

In short, The Blue House is the equivalent to US’ White House. Cheongwadae is the place where the President’s residence is situated and also where he administers the country’s affairs. I was quite excited when I saw that a visit to Cheongwadae is included in our itinerary. Even though I’m not sure if we get to have the official “Cheongwadae Tour” (since it is temporarily stopped because of the recent pandemic attack), but a sightseeing is alright too. I really want to see The Blue House up close.

The Main Building and its two annexes are covered with a total of 150,000 traditional Korean blue roof tiles (hence, the name “Blue House” is also commonly used when referring to Cheongwadae). The blue roof tiles are well known for their unique color and their outstanding durability. The President’s private office is located on the second floor while the First Lady’s office is on the first floor.

You might wonder why I’m so enthusiastic about visiting this place. Hehe. Am I THAT crazy about Korea that I’m interested in their politics too? Well, I can’t say that it’s 100% wrong, because I think I AM that crazy (lol), but the main reason is of course, because it was featured in one of my favorite dramas, “Lovers in Prague“. 😉 And again in “Formidable Rivals” (don’t really fancy this but the President’s son is HOT. ㅋㅋㅋ)

That’s all for now. Hope #8 is coming REAL soon. Hehe


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