#9 on 50 Things about Korea – Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Ref: My Name is Kim Sam Soon ep 11.

Yeah, again I’m referring to Kim Sam Soon. No need to guess, because it’s the second-best k-drama for me, after Goong. 😉 In the scene, [18:26 onwards] you’ll see how Sam Soon enjoyed her Bibimbap that it’s almost impossible not to make your mouth water. Seriously.

my own version of bibimbap, made it MYSELF. 😉

The name Bibimbap simply means “mixed rice” ( bibim – mix; bab – rice). Well, that’s basically it. The rice is mixed with various ingredients, mostly vegetables,meat,gochujang (chili paste) and sesame oil. It may not sound delicious, but once you’ve tried it, you can’t forget how good it is. But mind you it’s advisable to eat it when you’re REALLY famished, if not you might not finish all of it.

Tried making my own bibimbap, and thankfully it was a BIG success. But it was such a hassle trying to prepare all the ingredients, as I wanted it to be perfect. If not, it can be made with whatever ingredients that you have, such as leftover veggies, chicken et cetera.

6 thoughts on “#9 on 50 Things about Korea – Bibimbap (비빔밥)

  1. i may not have done it the korean way, but i think i’ve done my own version of bibimbab too many times when i was a student. nak habiskan leftover food – gaul sume. hahahah.

    • oh, pansori?? i’m not familiar with it, but i know about it through a documentary i watched..heheh.. the list is mainly what i’m familiar with, but thanks, definitely gonna Google it.

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