Noraebang #2-Shabang Shabang (사방 사방)

A song by the Korean Trot Prince, Park Hyun Bin. It’s called “Shabang Shabang” which can be directly translated to “Twinkle Twinkle” (??). Truth be told, I MEMORIZED this song. Haha. For real.

Since a trot song is ‘kind of’ a MUST in Noraebang, so effortlessly I’ve memorized this song by heart. It’s one of the two trot songs that I memorized fully, the other one I’ll reveal it later. The lyrics is easy to follow, and I’d suggest you try looking for the translation. Hehe.

Ermm, pardon the cheekiness of the MV. If it’s in Malaysia/Indonesia, trot song is kind of an equivalent to “Dangdut”. But with more elegance and prestige,that is. Lol

credit to: PockyHeart @youtube


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