I’m all smiles because of KOREA

yours truly in orange hanbok!


4 days trip to Korea is DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH! And going with travel agency is also not a very good idea actually since I was rushed to all the locations we have to visit as stated in the itinerary. But for the first visit, going with travel agency is alright. At least I can get the picture on what to expect in my “next” trip to Korea. LOL. Our tour guide, Hae Min onnie was very helpful,knowledgable and friendly. So it was not that bad.

The weather was quite nice on the day of our arrival. But as nice or as good as it looked, I was freezing! The breeze was definitely different from Malaysia but alas, me and my friends enjoyed ourselves. The tiring part was the traveling we had to do in order to go to one place and then another. It actually took A LOT of our precious times! :[

I will update my sort-of travelog once I get back to work. And that’s going to be on Tuesday, I guess. Hehe. I’ll try to write a day-by-day entries so you guys can really know what I experienced during my stay in Korea.  Please click here to see my pictures. They are in my Facebook album, so I’m not really sure if you can access them or not. Till then, 안녕히가세요!!


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