VIP and HOTTEST alert!


As most of you might know, I was in Korea last March. I’m so sorry entries on my trip are not up yet. I’m trying hard to update it a.s.a.p. Please pray that ideas come to me so I can start telling you about my journey. Hehe. As for now, I’m trying to promote my blog, while giving away prizes. When I was in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun, I managed to grab a few idol-related stuff [mainly folders,calendars and postcards] which I know I won’t be keeping all for myself. So I thought of sharing with everyone in love with everything Kpop! [especially Big Bang and 2PM!!] 🙂

In my Twitter and Facebook updates, I did say that it’s going to be a mini quiz. Then again if it’s a quiz I have to come up with questions and answers about the idols and in order to do that, I have to have A LOT of common knowledge about Big Bang and 2PM. Frankly, I’m not that ‘well versed’ in that, I’m sure most of you (if not all) know a lot more about the idols, much better than yours truly. LOL

So, I’m thinking of asking all VIPs and HOTTESTs to come up with something related to Big Bang and 2PM. Here’s my idea (roughly what I have in mind):

  • Big Bang (VIP) – come up with a fan video using pictures of Big Bang. Preferably, the pictures should tell a story, but that’s not the main point. As long as I find it interesting, it’s okay. 🙂 I will limit the song choice to a few of Big Bang hits,maybe just 2 or 3.
  • 2PM (Hottest)  – sing a song. You’re required to sing a 2PM song,record it and send it to my email. A friend of mine have done this long ago (of course it was not 2PM song at that time! LOL) and surprisingly many sent in their entries,me included. Haha.

Alright, for now those are what I have in mind. I will tell you the details later. Please spread the words to your fellow VIPs and HOTTESTs friends. The contests will not be done simultaneously, I might start with Big Bang or vice versa. Feel free to give me your opinions. 😉

If you’re wondering what are the prizes, I’ll update about it once the date of the contest is final (i.e. when I’m not too occupied with school work). Till then, please leave a comment,okay?


7 thoughts on “VIP and HOTTEST alert!

  1. hoho…excited dh ni…
    but i think yg BB nk wt video, sgtla xpandai..:(

    about 2pm, singing will b ok!
    but its just voice record or both voice and video?

    sis, why dont you list down many2 questions about them and then d participant can answer…(hihi…dis is my suggestion)

    • amy,
      video only use pictures, same like you do with powerpoint.
      heheheh.. but it’s ok.. i think it’s quite hard too.. so i’ll figure out something else.

      only sing, audio only, no video!

  2. owh,really??
    that will be great!!!
    i know how to do it….hehe
    im getting exctied now!

    unnie, u really give something to do…im damn borink right now..
    but this is not d final decision rite?

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