[contest] 2PM Sing-A-Long (closing date extended)

좋은날 여러분들! (Good day, everybody!)

As promised, I’ll hold contests for all readers. This is to welcome new people to my blog and to spread the Hallyu Wave in Malaysia. For now, I have finalized the contest for 2PM. This contest is only open to Malaysians regardless you’re a 2PM die hard fan or not. Anyone can join this. 🙂 So, what do you have to do? Well, it’s quite simple actually.

Basically you are required to sing a song by 2PM. For this particular contest I have decided to use my favorite 2PM song from 01:59PM album; “Tired of Waiting” (기다리다 지친아). Well, all HOTTESTs out there might think that I’m outdated (can’t deny that! hehe), since 2PM already came out with their new mini album. But since I thought 기다리다 지친아 is easier to sing, so I made a decision to use it instead. 🙂

To help you, I have made a video in YouTube. Well, not much of a video actually, it’s only the lyrics for you to sing along. You can practice using that or any ways that you find easy. Once you have ‘conquered’ the song, here’s what you must do:

  1. Record your song.
  2. Save it and send as attachment to my email (fizhasan.at.hanmail.dot.net fizzyhasan.at.naver.dot.com)
  3. Please use “[2PM SING-A-LONG]” as your email subject.
  4. Kindly include your name,home/office address and twitter id (if any) in the email.

Since this is a contest you might wonder what is the prize I’m going to give to the winner. Well, there’ll be only ONE winner for this contest and the winner will walk out with two 2PM items. The first one is 2010/2011 Calendar and the other one is a 2PM document folder/file. The prizes are not that ‘bombastic’, but it is sincerely from yours truly. 🙂 So I hope that sincerity matters. Hehe. (Plus they were bought in Myeongdong,Seoul, if only that matters!! Haha..)

These are what you’re competing for:

2010/2011 Calendar

Document folder/file

The contest ends on Sunday,16th of May [Teacher’s Day]. So, have fun singing and good luck!



Due to the lack of participants, I’m gonna extend the closing date to one more week. Another reason is because I’m gonna be quite busy this week with school stuff so I might not be able to post the prize to the winner within this week. So the new closing date is on Sunday, 23rd of May 2010. I hope my Hanmail will be swarmed with emails for this contest. 🙂


16 thoughts on “[contest] 2PM Sing-A-Long (closing date extended)

  1. sis, then can i know what criteria you look up into dis contest.i mean, how are we going to sing?
    dont have to make a video using pictures right?
    just voice..?

    • iffah dear,
      this weekend you’re not going back to along’s house? x pun kat comp lab sure ada mic kan? record je.. hehe

  2. OMG i totally want those prizes~ esp the folder~ ok n the calendar too~ but,im too shy~ n i dun have confidence in my voice~ im juz confident wif my korean pronounciation only >__<

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