No participants


Can’t say that I’m not sad seeing there’s no participants for the 2PM contest that I posted. Well, a few have shown their interests, but my Hanmail inbox is still empty. ㅠ__ㅠ I’ve done all I can promoting the contest via Facebook and Twitter and also through MY-Hottest friends that I know. But still, no response. Sad.

A fellow reader gave her insights to me as to why this happened. She told me that maybe it’s because I only restricted to ONE song,“Tired of Waiting” (기다리다 지친아). And that Taec’s part,the rap, is almost IMPOSSIBLE to sing. Hehe. My bad. I should’ve told those who wanted to enter the contest that they can just omit the part. 🙂 But the most important reason why I chose this song is because it’s my favorite 2PM song. ♥

Just look at this boy (he’s the one who made me love “Heartbeat”). During Nickhun’s English part, he PURPOSELY ‘sleeps’ on his desk [01:50-01:58]. HAHAHAHAHA. A good way to escape singing in English,boy! 🙂 So, you can just omit Tae’s part and move on with the next part in “Tired of Waiting” (기다리다 지친아). I hope I made this clear.

But, don’t misunderstand! I only need you to send me an .mp3 file, NOT A VIDEO! Something like this. Haha. I record it and paste it in my Tumblr account. I only sang a bit, but, you get the picture now, right? (excuse the voice! I’m soooo not a singer-material!)

And one more thing, I have just found out that Hanmail only gives 100MB (wth?!!) space for email. So, I’d appreciate if those who are interested to email the entry to my Naver email instead. Here’s the details:

  1. Record your song.
  2. Save it and send as attachment to my email (
  3. Please use “[2PM SING-A-LONG]” as your email subject.
  4. Kindly include your name,home/office address and twitter id (if any) in the email.

So the contest ends this coming Sunday. I won’t furlong it any further because that’s lame. If there’s only ONE entry, then, he/she automatically wins and own this 2PM’s Calendar and file:

2010/2011 Calendar

Document folder/file

p/s: you can send more than one entry,btw.


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