[contest] My BigBang Story


Life has been pretty hectic nowadays I don’t even have the will to update my blog. Fret not, because the next round of contest is now here! But before I go on, the prizes for the previous contest winner, @Jun_kified were safely arrived. She has acknowledge me via twitter about it. And thank god she loved them 🙂

So this time around, it’s for all VIPs out there!!  A very good Twitter friend of mine, @Afagyel is one of the [many] admins in the new K-Idols blog. K-Idols Blog is a one-stop website/blog about almost all Korean Idol groups. They have admins for all the idol groups featured in the blog. Please click on the image below to go to the blog!

As you might have guessed, Afagyel is the Big Bang admin and she came up with this brilliant idea to compile a story to be sent to Big Bang members! 🙂 In her entry and I quote: I’ll compile your ‘BIGBANG STORIES’ into a book and send it to Bigbang themselves as their 4th anniversary gift!”

What do you have to do really?

All you have to do is to just tell the readers your BigBang story. Basically just answer all the 12 questions posted by Afagyel in her entry in comment box. I’ll have her pick the best story out of the comments and the prizes could be yours. Check out the questions here. So please leave your comment there and you’re in the running to win some BigBang goodies!

So, what are the prizes going to be?

Document File


By the way the contest ends 13th June 2010. Since you only have to answer simple questions, I think the dateline is alright. So, share your BigBang stories! And good luck!!!


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