#11 on 50 Things About Korea – Ramyeon (라면)

Ramyeon (라면) – South Korean noodles in soup, served in food stalls, made of instant noodles with toppings added by stalls. In the 1960s, instant noodles were introduced to South Korea from Japan. Its quick and easy preparation, as well as its cheap price, ensured it quickly caught on. It is typically spicy with chili and kimchi added, amongst other ingredients.

I guess Korea and Koreans are inseparable with ramyeon. Besides Kimchi which is their staple food, ramyeon is considered as one of the common food among Koreans. This ramyeon-eating-culture is featured in ALL Korean dramas I’ve ever watched!

So what is so special about eating ramyeon? Isn’t it the same as eating Maggi in Malaysia, or ramen in Japan? The answer is yes and no. Basically it is the same thing. But Koreans have this sort of ‘special’ utensil used to cook the ramyeon that is the copper pot. 😀 And whenever Koreans eat ramyeon, they always use the lid to put the ramyeon on before eating [this helps the noodle to cool down].


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