#12 on 50 Things about Korea – André Kim (앙드레 김) [R.I.P]

André Kim (August 24, 1935 – August 12, 2010) was a noted and well known fashion designer based in Seoul, Korea. He was the first male designer in Korea and also the first South Korean to hold a fashion show in Paris. In 1981, he was appointed as the Chief Designer for Miss Pageant. His death was considered a great loss to all Koreans as he was a fashion icon.

André Kim and celebrities

Why did I include André Kim in my list? Because I think he is/was synonymous with South Korea. Everyone in Korea would know him, so I think it’s apt for me to include him in the list. 🙂 For your information, André Kim always appeared in the same white outfit, wherever he went. That’s a bit of an irony for me since he’s a famous fashion designer, don’t you think? 😀

His designs however, are definitely not for average people, especially the male outfits. IMHO,they are a bit glamorous and ‘futuristic’ to be worn everyday or even on special occasions. The designs for female however, are quite captivating. 😉

One thing that I noticed, his fashion show would always end in the same way, sort of like his ‘signature’ pose. The main models [male+female] would walk hand in hand down the runway, male model kiss the female’s forehead, then their foreheads met and both of them would look to the front together [as if they are looking at the future ahead..].

Celebrities in South Korea who have been in André Kim’s fashion show are considered as an ‘achievement’ in their career. That shows how respected André Kim was.

May his soul rest in peace.


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