[Project|Update] i♥CNBLUE T-Shirt – Confirmation/Payment List

Dear Malaysian BOICEs,

This is the latest confirmation and payment list, as of

9.00 am, 25th October 2010.

Thank you, ALL HAVE PAID! 🙂

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to everyone for the delayed update. I have been receiving a lot of payment the past few days, hence updating had to be put on hold for a while. Please check this list CAREFULLY. Should you have paid, and your name is not tagged with PAID, kindly contact me via Twitter [@fizhasan], mobile phone or email [cnbjonghyun[at]gmail[dot]com]. Please state your Reference# every time you contact me. That way it will be easier for me to check your status. Below are the reasons why I can’t confirm your payment:-

  • You used Cash Deposit Machine, and have not email me the PROOF OF PAYMENT.
  • You used ATM Transfer, and have not email me the PROOF OF PAYMENT.
  • You used Inter-Bank Transfer (maybank2u,bankislam.biz etc). This type of transfer needs 3 days to be cleared.
Ref # BOICE Notes
20100001 James Tai Wai Jin PAID
20100002 Fatin Farhanah Shamsul Anuar PAID /Extra Donations
20100003 Susan Josos PAID
20100004 Nur Syazwani Md Saad PAID /Extra Donations
20100005 Zuraida Ab Rahim PAID
20100006 Najihah binti Mohamad Shukri PAID
20100007 Siti Bahiyah binti Zulkifli PAID
20100008 Ninie Haninie PAID /Extra Donations
20100009 Loke Mei Poh PAID
20100010 Nur Hana Edayu Binti Yahya PAID
20100011 Amsina binti Anas PAID /Extra Donations
20100012 Nur Hanisah bt Mohd Tajudin PAID
20100013 Noor  Zuhura bt Mohd PAID
20100014 Sara Yasmin Adnan PAID
20100015 Choo Yin Pei PAID
20100016 Syarkina Nabila binti Shamsudin CANCELLED
20100017 Nuralina Mustamam PAID
20100018 Diana  Hassan PAID
20100019 Siti Nurfarahani Othman PAID
20100020 Nurul Azua Bt Abu Yazid PAID
20100021 Zalilah binti Shaari PAID
20100022 Nurul Nadira bt Mohd Rosdi PAID
20100023 Nurshafinas binti Mohtar PAID
20100024 Nur Shakinah Binti Hanipah PAID
20100025 Nur Diyana bt Mohamad Nasir PAID
20100026 Bahiyah Nor PAID
20100027 Emilie Khor PAID
20100028 Nor Halieda bt Ismail CANCELLED
20100029 Norhasanah binti Mohd Harun PAID
20100030 Noridawati Binti Idris PAID
20100031 Nurfarahin bt Mohd Ariffin PAID
20100032 Uniza Azizul PAID
20100033 Saidatul Rohaisyah Ab Rahman PAID
20100034 Shikeen PAID
20100035 Farah Atifa binti Razif CANCELLED
20100036 ‘Athifah Nafhah bt Nooh PAID
20100037 Venus Valeriano PAID /Extra Donations
20100038 Rashidah Jamaluddin PAID
20100039 Sarinah Salleh PAID
20100040 Pang Seh Seh PAID
20100041 Siti Mariam Jamilah bt Khamim PAID /Extra Donations
20100042 Ainaa Farahannah Razali PAID
20100043 Musfirah Ibrahim PAID
20100044 Nurul Atiqah Mohd Sabri PAID
20100045 Maria Fitri Shahril PAID
20100046 Siti Hamidah Mohd Lasim PAID /Extra Donations
20100047 Syarifah Sarah Liyana PAID
20100048 Juliana Abd Halak PAID
20100049 Alia Etira bt Mohd Melintang PAID
20100050 Hasmi binti Salleh PAID
20100051 Lim Ee Loe PAID
20100052 Lim Lee Ken PAID
20100053 Nur Izzah Kadir PAID
20100054 Wong Su Wen PAID /Extra Donations

Note:  I only accept email attachments for the Proof of Payment. Please do not send me the image via MMS.


23 thoughts on “[Project|Update] i♥CNBLUE T-Shirt – Confirmation/Payment List

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  3. fizzy, i hv paid but how come my name is not yet mark?
    can you please check again or do you want me to send again the proof of payment?

  4. Dear Fizzy ,

    So, the payment dateline for previous booking is not 18th October right?? Sorry for the delay payment, so busy last week and not able to reply ur email. if that in case, i can make the payment by this week right?? Please advice…

    Thanks n best regards.

  5. I have paid via interbank transfer and my reference#: 20100045.please notify me if you have received the payment and update,ok tqvm.

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