[Tutorial] How to Register and Vote on 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA)

The voting period for Mnet’s Asia Music Awards (MAMA) has now started. Kpop fans all around the world can join in the frenzy and make your votes count. Here’s how you can register on Mnet and after that vote for MAMA. A few important notes before you go on:

  1. Please use Internet Explorer as browser.
  2. You can vote only ONCE per day.
  3. However you can register more than 1 account and vote using different accounts in the same day.

How to Register on Mnet

  1. Go to Mnet’s website. Click the picture below and look for 회원가입 on top right. Click the link. 
  2. Clicking on 회원가입 will bring you to this page. Please click on the box that applies to you. In this case, it’s for Foreigner.  
  3. Check all the boxes (agreeing on all terms and services) and then click on the “SAVE” button. 
  4. Fill in all the details needed. Make sure your ID and your password are combination of 6-12 alpha characters and number. 
  5. After you fill in the email address, click on the “CERTIFICATION” button.  
  6. This pop-out notification will appear, meaning your authentication number has been sent to your email. You can regiter using these emails: Yahoo Mail,Gmail,Naver and Hanmail
  7. Kindly check your email SPAM box, in case Mnet’s email got into it. Here’s how the email  look:
  8. After you have fill in the authentic number from your email, fill in the “Image Number(as you see in the black box) into the required field. Click “SAVE“. 
  9. Your registration in now COMPLETE!  

How to Vote for MAMA Awards

  1. After you have finished your registration, click login and  fill in your ID and password to start voting. 
  2. Again you’ll be redirected to Mnet’s website. Look for MAMA’s logo on top-center. 
  3. Click on the red box [2010 Mnet Asia Music Award Voting Start /투표 시작
  4. You’ll see 19 boxes, which refer to the awards in MAMA. Click one box to start. 
  5. This is how the voting boxes will look like: 
  6. And for the “Song of The Year” and “Artist of The Year” awards, they look like this: 
  7. Your voting is now COMPLETE! Click on the red box to view the current ranks. 
  • Author’s note: Hope this tutorial helps. Feel free to share this, though credit is much appreciated. 🙂  Thank you and have fun voting!! ~fizzy
  • Source/Credit: Mnet

21 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to Register and Vote on 2010 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA)

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  2. omg i’m stuck on the reg. part i don’t understand the password thing..gosh it keeps saying something in a different language and i don’t understand what i’m doing wrong..are you supposed to put numbers and letters in your password? i’m confused please help

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