[Project|Update] CNBlue Music Makes Me High – Confirmation/Payment List

Dear Malaysian BOICE,

So sorry I am a lot behind this time. Order has been closed and this is the list of orders. Thank you for those who have paid, and to those who haven’t, don’t worry because you still have time till Monday. If you have paid, and I have not marked your name with PAID notification, it means you have not given me the PROOF OF PAYMENT. You can email me the EXACT DATE and TIME of your moner transfer.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact me via email – cnbjonghyun [at] gmail [dot] com or Twitter @fizhasan.

Ref # BOICE Name Payment
20100095 Hazliza Abdullah Sani PAID
20100096 Norziyana Ahmat Azemi PAID
20100097 Jesvin Ong Vin Hui
20100098 Siti Bahiyah binti Zulkifli
20100099 Siti Zuliana Salleh PAID
20100100 Ng Yen Hong PAID
20100101 Sara Yasmin Adnan PAID
20100102 Noor Shahiza bt Abdul Majid PAID
20100103 Bidayah bt Zulkepli PAID
20100104 Sharifah Amiirah bt. Syed Effendi Hakim PAID
20100105 Nur Syazwani Md Saad PAID
20100106 Venus Valeriano PAID
20100107 Sarinah Salleh PAID
20100108 Siti Myra Sofea bt Muzamir PAID
20100109 Najihah binti Mohamad Shukri PAID
20100110 Alia Etira Bt Mohd Melintang PAID
20100111 Noor  Zuhura bt Mohd PAID
20100112 Nur Hana Edayu Binti Yahya PAID
20100113 Nurashikin Sawal PAID
20100114 Zuraida Ab Rahim PAID
20100115 Saadah bt Shahidin PAID
20100116 Musfirah Ibrahim PAID
20100117 Fiona Rachel Masudal PAID
20100118 Nor Liyana Mohamad Rosly PAID
20100119 Susan Josos PAID
20100120 Dayang Hairunisa bt Awang Sauni PAID
20100121 Nor Azlen Zamri PAID
20100122 Tuminah Paiman PAID
20100123 Alia Farhanis Bt Mohd Faiz PAID
20100124 Amalina Mohd Sabri PAID
20100125 Sam Thean Lin PAID
20100126 Nur Diyana bt Mohamad Nasir PAID
20100127 Nakiah bt Nasiran PAID
20100128 Intan Norhaniza Abd Razak PAID
20100129 Nur Naqiah binti Jalaludin PAID
20100131 Mona Rahayu Binti Redzwan PAID
20100132 Melissa Ghazali PAID
20100133 Syazwani bt Abdul Raman PAID
20100134 Azah Ahmad Tajuddin
20100135 Stephanie Chua PAID
20100136 Aishah bt Abdul Ghapar PAID
20100137 Nur ‘Atiqah Mohd Jalil PAID
20100138 Juliana Abd Halak PAID
20100139 Ninie Haninie PAID
20100140 Nur Ezly Elyana Binti Che Embong PAID
20100141 Nurul Sazwani Binti Sajari PAID
20100142 Amsina binti Anas PAID
20100143 Loh Yi Qin PAID
20100144 Siti Asmah Danuri PAID
20100145 Nur Aishah Mazlan
20100146 Noridawati Idris PAID
20100147 Fazianee Abu Bakar PAID
20100148 Siti Nurfarahani Othman PAID
20100149 Zalilah bt Shaari PAID

9 thoughts on “[Project|Update] CNBlue Music Makes Me High – Confirmation/Payment List

  1. sorry for ask some question here…i want to ask what meaning of Korean’s word at front of the t-shirt…hehehe..sorry..i do not know Korean language…anyway if i not mistaken at the back of t-shirt have written the name of CN Blue members,..right?….well..this first time I visit your blog..nice wallpaper..very sweet.. 🙂

    • Dear Fazy,
      씨엔블루 is CNBLUE in Hangul (Korean).
      And yes, for the back design, we wrote all members’ names in Hangul.
      정용화- Jung Yonghwa
      이종현- Lee Jonghyun
      강민혁- Kang Minhyuk
      이정신- Lee Jungshin

      Thanks. The wallpaper is done by my Philippine BOICE friend, Christine (@akira_baka on Twitter). 🙂

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