9 September 2017 – I began my journey as an exchange teacher in South Korea. So this blog will be revamped. InsyaAllah I’ll be jotting down my experiences here. I used to be so into Kpop, but now not as much. I still enjoy listening to Korean songs and watching the dramas but probably now it’s beyond just ‘entertainment’ for me. Do leave comments if you enjoy reading about my journey .. ^^

April 2009 – I am fizzy [피지]. A Malaysian in love with everything Korean. I am currently learning Hangul [korean language+alphabets] and getting myself ready [as in gathering information, saving bonuses etc] for a trip to Seoul scheduled next year. (Edit: I finally made it to South Korea on 13-18 March 2010.The trip was awesome and unforgettable. I’m definitely gonna visit again.)

I set up this web because I feel the need to share my love towards Korean-related stuff. It is my sincere hope that friends and anyone who visit this site can appreciate what South Korea has to offer [wow, I do sound like their ‘Goodwill Spokesperson’ or something now, don’t I?] lol.

I will share information, stories, music, dramas, films.. everything about Korea that’s within my knowledge. By sharing, I hope to spread the “Hallyu” wave and the love towards Korea which,as we speak, is taking people around the world by storm.

I am currently one of the contributors/admins to these following blogs, Twitter and Tumblr:

In short, please support my site! And those I’m contributing too. 😀
감사합니다… 그리구, 사랑합니다!


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  1. Hi Fizzy! I read about you from Sophia’s kpopped interview! Thanks so much for setting that up – I am sure all of her fans have been missing her since she left Misuda. I live in the states to it’s difficult to get all the shows, and very few of them are translated. Did you travel to Korea yet? If so, how was it? I will be going to Seoul this summer for a study abroad program for about 2 months, and will be learning Korean! I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your contribution on Sophia Ridza! (BTW – how did you manage to get that interview set up? That was awesome)

    • hi, megha..

      thanks for dropping by here. i’ve been neglecting this blog for ages due to work and time constrain.. huhu.. about sophia, it took me quite some time to reach her. i asked kpopped to interview her since she’s a fellow malaysian like me and the rest of kpopped team. and they agreed to it. i looked for sophia in facebook and started messaging her through it. when i got her reply, we exchanged a few messages before the interview finally uploaded @kpopped. anyway, i’m happy you enjoyed it.

      in malaysia, our satelite tv provided kbsworld. and thankfully, the shows are all subbed, except for Gag Concert [which i totally enjoyed it anyway]. i heard that you can subscribe to kbs in the States.

      anyway, i’m terribly envy you because you’re going to korea. :(( i might be going there next year, with a few friends. we are waiting for the discounts/promotions on the flight tickets. hehe. as for Hanguk [korean language], i learn it by myself, through online tutorials. haven’t got the chance to attend the classes. so, i’m not that good in it yet, but i think i can read korean. and understand it a little bit. 😉

      do tell me more about the study program you are attending. sounds interesting.

      take care and keep in touch!

  2. annyeong, Fizzy noona~

    wow, i finally found a korean-related blog!!!


    i’m also currently learning hangulmal…

    i also want to go to hanguk!!!


    anyways, Hwaiting!!!

    • hi,alex!!
      where are you from?

      you’re learning hanguk mal?? that’s great..
      i’m learning hangul too.. 🙂
      and oh! i’ve been to Korea already.
      it was awesome!
      please visit my web more often,ok..hehe

      • annyeong, fizzy noona…

        i ady set ur blog as one of my homepage…


        i’m from sabah…

        btw, i wanna join the contest… i’ll send u my email soon…


  3. heyyy fizzy ! baru terjumpa blog anda 🙂
    nice blog !! 🙂
    love it . heheh .
    i envy u because u’ve been to korea . 😦
    nyway , nice to know you !

  4. “i might be going there next year, with a few friends. we are waiting for the discounts/promotions on the flight tickets. hehe”

    Me too,kekeke…cari2 diskon
    & maybe tahun depan mau ke Singapura,nonton SUSHOW 3
    coz SUJU sepertinya will not visit Indonesia…so sad

  5. Hai Fizzy I’m Indonesian K-pop Lovers^^
    I really love your site, could I translate it into my language and I promise to writes your site on the Cre from yours
    and I really jealous with your trip
    How amazing yout trip…

    • Dear,
      No problem at all. 🙂
      I will post up photos on my trip to Seoul later.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I;ll visit your blog too.

  6. salam..

    akak baru terjumpa blog adik semasa menacri info cuti di korea…
    nak dapatkan maklumat bagaimana boleh bercuti dgn murah di sana..
    macam mana belajar bahasa korea tu online? free/bayar??

  7. Fizzy,

    Would you be interested in doing Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for a Language Interpreting company in the US? Of course you can work remotely and would be called on when we have a scheduled VRI call. Email me back if you would be interested. Thanks!

  8. Fizzy,
    definitely your blog is s0oooo helpful. Plus I will visit Korea next week and stay in Namsan 2 Guesthouse. And I already make your blog as a bookmark for my tablet in case we didnt know where to go. Looking for halal food/restaurants is a must and i will let you know and share it with you once i coming back from there..
    thanks again sharing the information..especially for bargain issues. LOL

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  10. Hi Fizzy,

    Very solid and informative about Korea. Im planning a trip to Korea somewhere in November, can I seek for yr advice further.
    Im going with my brother and father, thought of going to experience skiing and nami island afterward.
    Considering to go Everland or LotteWorld. Should I take sightseeing bus to tour around Seoul city within a day?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for dropping by.. I’m so sorry though because the blog is not updated like it should.
      November will be winter already, right? A great time to experience winter!! We went to Pyeongchang to ski, though in the end we had to just build snowman due to rain huhuhuhu.
      Be sure to try old school lunch box if you’re in Nami Island! 🙂
      And take lots of pictures.
      I’ve only been to Lotte World, but friends said they enjoyed Everland more. So maybe you can try both?
      Sightseeing bus is a great way to tour the city, because Seoul is very “hilly”.. Would be exhausting to walk around. 🙂

      Again thanks for leaving your comment.. Hope you’ll enjoy your trip in Korea!

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