Congrats BigBang Contest Winner!


The BigBang contest that I co-host with K-Idols Blog was a success. Thank god, a lot of VIPs gave feedbacks to the BigBang Stories and with @Afagyel‘s help, the best 10 were chosen. She emailed me all 10, and choosing the best one was not an easy task.

However, one story did caught my eyes and I think she wrote it well. Reading her answers, I knew that she’s the one. so, congratulations, 축하해요 to the lucky winner;

Nur Zulaiqa

Twitter ID: @zulaiqaziz

So what made me chose her as the winner? Here’s her answer to “My BigBang Story” contest:

By: Zulaiqa Aziz.

How did you find out about Bigbang? Who introduced them to you?I was late to class, but then I kept on listening to my friend singing to something, although we were running at that time. I asked her and se said that I should know from what she was singing itself, “B-I-G to the BANG!” I thought it was something about the Bigbang Theory, but finally, someone was too kind to help me by telling me that it was actually Bigbang, a Korean boy band. And I just said, “Ooooohhh.” That was how I know Bigbang. 😀
What was the first Bigbang song you listened to?It was Gara gara Go. First, I thought Bigbang is a Japanese group, but after a friend of mine, whom’s a VIP, slowly explained, taught and introduced me to the group. I finally knew it’s actually a Korean group. Lol.
What was your first impression of Bigbang? Aren’t they weird or what with that colourful outfits on Gara Gara Go MV? But they all looked so bubbly and slowly, after listening to their other songs, I bean to be attracted to them.
What do you like about Bigbang? – I like their music, their personalities and images. To sum it up, I like everything about them.

Who was your first bias? Why? G-Dragon. I just love the way he raps and his style is something I really love to see. After some Google-ing and YouTube-ing, I really fell in love with his talented and stylish side. Oh, I remember how I spent most of my time in front of my laptop, just to do some research on him. =P
Do you still have the same bias? Or has it changed through time? Why?Yes, my love is still for GD. Although, I started to love listening to Taeyang’s songs (oh btw, it’s playing right now), I still love GD. What to do? I think nobody can replace him (oh yes, cheesy me. Lol).
List 3 of your favourite Bigbang songs and tell us why you’ve chosen them. – Oh my God! Spent most of my time to answer this question! Hmmm, after some time of polling and having Q&A sessions with myself, I’m finally able to pick. Haru-Haru: this is the song, which I loved the first moment I listened to it. – It’s like love at first sight or should I say love at first hearing? Hehehe. Lies: this is one of the songs, which I know; I’ll never get bored listening to. The music and lyrics really make me in love with the song. Furthermore, it’s written by my love’s a.k.a. GD’s. =D Koe Wo Kikasete: their pronunciation’s really like a true Japanese! With the melodious music and their amazing voice, I really love this song!!
What’s your favourite Bigbang MV? Why? Haru-Haru used to be my favourite MV, but now it’s changed to Tell Me Goodbye. That’s because they all look damn hot in the video and the whole concept itself impressed me. Furthermore, the song is really good! Credits to the production team who made the MV so great and also the boys for being so hot and handsome!
What’s your favourite TV show that featured Bigbang? Why? – If variety shows with all 5 of them, then it’s got to be Intimate Note. They’re super cute when playing for lunch boxes and the classroom moments really made me exercising my jaws and stomach due to over laughing! =P But I really love Family Outing season 1! Daesung was so cute and funny and I can see the dorky side of them and that really made me more in love with them.
Who’s your favourite couple? (G-Ri, GDYB, G-Top, etc.)Although I’m not so into this pairing thing (mostly because GD’s mine haha), I’ll say G—Ri. They are so cute and with their different personalities, they create a fun-happy couple.
Who do you want see collaborating with bigbang in the future (It can be another idol group or someone from outside Korea)? If another idol group, I’ll say C.N. BLUE because both are currently doing great in Japan and I really want to see BigBang collaborate with a band. It’ll be daebak!! Another one, I’ll say USHER.  It will be a great combination. How I wish my dream would come true. Haha.
Message to Bigbang: Dear BigBang, I just want to tell you that this fan from Malaysia really loves you. Hope you will be a great group and succeed in the industry. Keep making great music and I’ll always support you guys. Stay healthy, and stay happy! Love you guys and do come to Malaysia for a concert ok? =)


VIP and HOTTEST alert!


As most of you might know, I was in Korea last March. I’m so sorry entries on my trip are not up yet. I’m trying hard to update it a.s.a.p. Please pray that ideas come to me so I can start telling you about my journey. Hehe. As for now, I’m trying to promote my blog, while giving away prizes. When I was in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun, I managed to grab a few idol-related stuff [mainly folders,calendars and postcards] which I know I won’t be keeping all for myself. So I thought of sharing with everyone in love with everything Kpop! [especially Big Bang and 2PM!!] 🙂

In my Twitter and Facebook updates, I did say that it’s going to be a mini quiz. Then again if it’s a quiz I have to come up with questions and answers about the idols and in order to do that, I have to have A LOT of common knowledge about Big Bang and 2PM. Frankly, I’m not that ‘well versed’ in that, I’m sure most of you (if not all) know a lot more about the idols, much better than yours truly. LOL

So, I’m thinking of asking all VIPs and HOTTESTs to come up with something related to Big Bang and 2PM. Here’s my idea (roughly what I have in mind):

  • Big Bang (VIP) – come up with a fan video using pictures of Big Bang. Preferably, the pictures should tell a story, but that’s not the main point. As long as I find it interesting, it’s okay. 🙂 I will limit the song choice to a few of Big Bang hits,maybe just 2 or 3.
  • 2PM (Hottest)  – sing a song. You’re required to sing a 2PM song,record it and send it to my email. A friend of mine have done this long ago (of course it was not 2PM song at that time! LOL) and surprisingly many sent in their entries,me included. Haha.

Alright, for now those are what I have in mind. I will tell you the details later. Please spread the words to your fellow VIPs and HOTTESTs friends. The contests will not be done simultaneously, I might start with Big Bang or vice versa. Feel free to give me your opinions. 😉

If you’re wondering what are the prizes, I’ll update about it once the date of the contest is final (i.e. when I’m not too occupied with school work). Till then, please leave a comment,okay?