#10 on 50 Things about Korea – White Day (화이트데이)

limited edition coke

I decided to write about this because I’ll be arriving in Seoul on White Day! So my travel mates, you guys should know that White Day falls on March 14th. 🙂 Those who are not familiar with the celebration might wonder what in the heaven’s name is White Day? LOL.I’ll explain it.

As the whole world know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th every year. It’s the most romantic day on earth (or so I am told, hehe) where couples would buy gifts (often in the form of chocolates or roses) to their better halves. In Korea however, ONLY WOMEN would buy chocolates and give them to their partner. So what about the guys,you ask? Well, that’s why we have White Day. 😉

It’s like a ‘payback’ time. On White Day, women expect to receive the chocolates in return of what they’ve given the men on Valentine’s Day. Sounds weird to you? But that’s how it works in Korea. If the guys receive chocolates on V day, they are expected to return the ‘favor’ on W day. Whatever it takes, they must. Hehe.

More info of White Day can be read here. I hope to find something that can remind me of White Day, like the limited edition coke featured in this entry, or something like that. You might think the single people must feel so down for these 2 months of love ‘show off’. Hehe.

No worries, exactly 2 months after Valentine’s Day and a month after White Day, it’s a SPECIAL  day for SINGLE and AVAILABLE people. And you’ve guessed it. It’s Black Day. Hahaha. I’ve blogged about it here.


Happy Black Day.


today is April 14, BLACK DAY. don’t fret, because it’s south korean’s official day for single people. lol. i find it rather cute for them to be having this special day to ‘celebrate’ single people [like yours truly]. it’s to make those who did not receive anything on valentine’s day and white day [March 14] to feel ‘maybe a bit happier’ because today they’ll hangout together and eat jajangmyeon [chinese noodle with thick black sauce] like k-popped crew had during their seoul trip last year.


man, does this mean i have to have jajangmyeon today? hehehehe. seoul is too far away, perhaps i’ll do my own version of jajangmyeon just to ease myself from my ‘bf-less’ life. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

ah, no sweat. i’ll just enjoy myself with MAC’s current hit, Melody first.. really puts me on the good vibes today..