[me2day] me2day Desktop Client(me2dc)

I know the restriction to “enjoy” Mitu is because it is a web-based application. But fret not, chinguya. You can actually download the desktop application and it is much easier than logging in to the web. Similar to Twitter, Mitu users have developed this application for our ease of use. And having using it for a few weeks now, I think “me2day Desktop Client” or me2dc is something that WE REALLY NEED in order to make use of Mitu (and actually enjoying it).

If you are an avid user of Twitter, you must be familiar with applications such as “DestroyTwitter”,”TweetDeck”, “Twitterrific” et cetera that let you login to Twitter without using the web. For Mitu however, I have only found one such application and that is me2dc. Installing and using it is so simple as I will show you now.

You can download the application here. Then look for the installer as shown in the screen shot below:

me2dc(As I was browsing, I found another download link to the application. Apparently, this one is more current – updated on March 12,2009. The previous one,as shown above was  in 2008. So, alternatively you can also download the application here).

Once you clicked the download link, you’ll see this window on your screen. Please proceed as usual.


After you have finished installing the application, you should start opening the installer package. And then you’ll be prompted with the dialog box as shown below:


Now that you have clicked the login button, you will be brought to the me2day web page (as shown below). All you have to do is click a button there. The next screen shows that your registration is successful.



Now, go to the me2dc window again, and clicked on the button. Once you clicked it, you’ll see your mitu page there.



Please explore the application yourself, as hands-on experience really helps. A. LOT. Just to show you what you can do, the last screen shot is how MY own Mitu-me2dc  page looks. I’ll share or update some more about how to make use of me2dc later.


Till then, have fun with your me2dc!! Annyeong!! ♥ ♥ ♥



i’m taking a few days off, as the final exam is this Friday. just wanna share my current desktop. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. this is how it looks: