#13 on 50 Things about Korea – Nine Tailed Fox/Gumiho (구미호)

Gumiho is a Korean folk legend. Basically a 구미호 (Gumiho – or literally translated as nine tailed fox) lives for thousands of years and is able to transform itself into a beautiful lady and seduce men before eating their livers.

However, when the tale of a Gumiho started to appear in Korean texts, it was considered as nice and in fact many of the older texts make more frequent mention of wicked humans tricking kind but naïve Gumihos. It is unclear at which point in time Koreans began viewing the Gumiho as a purely evil creature, since many of the ancient texts mention benevolent Gumihos assisting humans.

As the mythology of the Gumiho evolved it was later believed that a Gumiho had to consume human hearts in order to survive. In later literatures they are often depicted as flesh-hungry half-fox, half-human things that wandered the cemeteries at night, digging human hearts out from graves.

The story of Gumiho always appear in dramas during summer. In 2010 two TV stations KBS and SBS aired drama adaptations which depict the life of a Gumiho. SBS’ “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho” starring Shin Min A and Lee Seung Gi attracted many k-drama lovers with its story.


Lee Seung Gi – 지금부터 사랑해 (I Love You From Now On)

While KBS’ “Grudge: The Revolt of a Gumiho” was not a disappointment either. And to be perfectly honest I preferred this drama more than MGIG. The casts for this drama include Han Eun Jeong and Jang Hyeon Seong. This drama also starred two very promising child actors; Kim Yoo Jeong and Seo Sin Ae.


Malaysian KPoppers Blessed with MaaDuu!


Today I should be refraining myself from the Internet. But it is indeed a SCARY thing, I can’t live a day without it. LOL. I managed to stay away from my #1 distraction [read: T-W-I-T-T-E-R!!] for two days. I’m still on Facebook and Tumblr though because I think I won’t be as distracted as I am on Twitter. But I guessed wrong. Both are equally VERY distracting! ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh, back to the main story, today I found out about an awesome site ESPECIALLY for Malaysian KPoppers. I don’t know if I’m the belated one or not (given that they already have almost 60,000 ‘likes’ in their Facebook page), but I’m sharing it anyway. Malaysian KPoppers behold..! I present you…


A little info about maaduu : maaduu is a stylised representation of “madu” which means “honey” – we hope viewers will be attracted “like bees to honey” and enjoy maaduu continually. While maaduu is 100% free, content owners, actors and actresses need to be paid. So to support them in their efforts to produce premium content, maaduu is ad supported. Viewers can continue enjoying the best dramas for free while content owners continue to get paid. (awesome,right?!) And oh, they have KBS’ Music Bank too!

I’m watching maaduu on my Celcom broadband now and no buffering. So what are you waiting for, KPoppers? Go and watch maaduu now.

feat. Lee Beom Soo (이범수)


if someone were to ask me who my favourite korean male actor is, i will definitely say it’s Lee Beom Soo. 우리 아주씨 [uri ahjusshi] !! my all-time favourite Ahjusshi. well, i have to be honest that there are still a few Oppas that always melt my heart, but this Ahjusshi of mine, i tell you,never fails to flatter me.

i can’t really remember which drama or movie that made me fell for him. this is because he acted in so many of them, but perhaps the most memorable must be in 200 Pounds Beauty which he played the taxi driver who was smitten by Kim A-joong’s smile, despite the fact that he was injured by her and blood running down his face. *laugh!* there were some other comedic acts from him, which he delivered really well and made me laugh and smile.

another memorable discovery is when i found out that he acted in SG Wannabe’s mv, Arirang. my, oh my.. i cried watching the mv! he acted so well in that [very long] mv, i couldn’t stop crying. there’s this ‘x’ factor Beom Soo Ahjusshi has that always makes my heart goes *doogoon,doogoon* everytime i watch him.

so, when i found out 8tv was airing ‘On Air’, i almost jump out of happiness. uri Ahjusshi, now i got to see him in action on national tv..! i even ignored the fact that it is airing in mandarin, just because my Ahjusshi is in it! and i was satisfied with the drama, it’s by far, one of the best k-dramas ever. the ‘tingling’ feeling is different, unlike how i felt when i watch the pretty boys in Boy Over Flower, because the storyline is much more complex than BOF.

i wish my Ahjusshi well in his career. his latest activity is, if i’m not mistaken, a movie that co-starred Kwon Sang Woo. ‘Sadder Than Sadness’. i’m sure he’s gonna be awesome in it. as always! 아주씨,파이팅!!


anyway here’s SG Wannabe‘s Arirang.

byebye BOF :(


much loved Boys Over Flower has ended its run. huhu. so sad. even though in Malaysia we still get to see F4+Jandi in action@KBS World, but the feeling’s different now that it’s over in Korea. i used to log on to dramabeans every Tuesday to read the latest episode recap. and after this, i don’t get to do that anymore. *teary eyes*

i’m so happy with the ending, and totally agree with javabeans’ points. the ending didn’t feel rushed, kinda flowing smoothly. though i was ‘a bit’ disappointed, hoping there would be more mushy-mushy stuff between JP and JD.. [give me a break, ok.. it’s the LAST episode, so i think fanservice is acceptable!] lol.

for old time’s sake, here’s T-Max’s Almost Paradise. enjoy~