SNSD (SoNeoShiDae/Girls’ Generation/소녀시대) is definitely one of my favourite k-pop (girl) group. they have this kinda ‘innocent, goody-two-shoes’ image which sometimes i clinched watching them perform. unlike Wonder Girls who incorporate sexy image with cuteness, SNSD is more like the bubbly cute teenagers singing happy songs when they are on stage.

i love them since their first album, singing ‘Girl’s Generation’, ‘Baby,Baby’, ‘Kissing U’ etc. and i must say, their ‘live’ singing is way better than Wonder Girls. [this is my personal opinion, but i guess a lot of people will agree to it too]. their [bigger] number of members, 9 members to be exact, may contributed to that, but, imho, they sing really well.

so, now presenting the latest craze of SNSD; Gee,Gee,Gee,Gee…