#4 on 50 Things about Korea – Hanbok (한복)

My favourite idol group, SNSD with their hanboks.

The first time I saw hanbok in a drama (can’t really remember which drama), my comments were; ‘what a weird looking clothes! Those dresses make the women look fat… Kimono is way much better!’ And so I thought. Not long after, when the Korean culture slowly ‘gotten into me’ and my Dad (yes, you read it correctly. MY DAD! hehe) suddenly didn’t miss an episode of “Hwangjini” on tv, I fell in love with the beauty of this traditional clothing worn by Korean women.

I started to appreciate the uniqueness of the clothing and soon after, I even thought Hanboks were much better looking than all the western dresses. The authenthicity of the Hanboks and the fact that they are a part of the local culture,captured my interest.

Unlike Malaysian Baju Kurung that is still worn regularly by the women, that is not the case for the Korean Hanboks. These days, we can only see people wearing beautiful Hanboks for weddings, festivals or other special occasions.

Urbanisation and Westernisation have made wearing a Hanbok old fashioned. However, recently fashion designers are reinventing the Hanboks for more modern-looking designs to attract youngsters to wear them. What’s more, Hanboks are being recognised widely around the world.

I don’t know why that makes me PROUD. Lol. And oh, traditional clothes for men is also called Hanboks!

p/s – as I’m writing this, KBS World is showing a clip about a Hanbok Fashion Show. Wow, I do have chemistry with Korean culture, don’t I? Hahaha.




SNSD (SoNeoShiDae/Girls’ Generation/소녀시대) is definitely one of my favourite k-pop (girl) group. they have this kinda ‘innocent, goody-two-shoes’ image which sometimes i clinched watching them perform. unlike Wonder Girls who incorporate sexy image with cuteness, SNSD is more like the bubbly cute teenagers singing happy songs when they are on stage.

i love them since their first album, singing ‘Girl’s Generation’, ‘Baby,Baby’, ‘Kissing U’ etc. and i must say, their ‘live’ singing is way better than Wonder Girls. [this is my personal opinion, but i guess a lot of people will agree to it too]. their [bigger] number of members, 9 members to be exact, may contributed to that, but, imho, they sing really well.

so, now presenting the latest craze of SNSD; Gee,Gee,Gee,Gee…