restriction/구속_-_fly to the sky



i must say, upon watching Fly To The Sky’s performance on KBS’ Music Bank [can’t remember which episode], i fell in love with Hwanhee i have to admit, i’m really digging this ‘bad boy’ image, you know. but, who doesn’t, right? just look at Big Bang’s T.O.P. for instance. aigooo~~ mysteriously intriguing! anyway, back to Hwanhee, his voice is so darn husky and sexy i could die if someone were to sing to me like that. oh, need i say more about the dance moves? omona..he’s killing me!! [btw, brian’s not bad too. :)]

it’s sad to know that they are splitting up after this album. in fact they have performed [or will be performing] their last stage act as a duo, Fly To The Sky. their voices really complement each other, and i regret that i only realize their ‘existence’ after “Recollection” [their album before Decennium]. Hwanhee will pursue solo career and Brian’s gonna be an actor.

i won’t be posting his photos here, because seriously, there’s none that shows his ‘bad boy’-ness among all the photos i found in google or msn. you really have to watch their performance, singing Restriction, in order to understand what i’m talking about.

anyway, this is my utmost favourite song of their last album, Decennium. Fly To The Sky’s Restriction.