How to add SHINee’s Onew in me2day


This is a special request from my kpop best friend; Vivian Onnie. She asked how to add Onew using the new me2day features. Well, actually I didn’t really notice the difference with the previous version, but I was aware of the upgraded features in me2day. And thankfully, since I’m now able to synchronize my Twitter and me2day, the work just gets easier. 🙂

So, to Viv Onnie, this is for you! Please click on the thumbnail for bigger view. 🙂

  1. First you have to go here. It’s the me2day page/channel of the new variety show Onew’s in, and it’s called “야행성”. Find Onew there. 🙂
  2. After you have clicked the button, then you can write a message for him.
  3. This is an example of my message to Onew. I wrote to him in Hangul. 🙂 Btw, I translated what I wrote in red fonts.
  4. That’s all. Now you just have to wait for Onew to approve your friend request. 🙂

[me2day] me2day Desktop Client(me2dc)

I know the restriction to “enjoy” Mitu is because it is a web-based application. But fret not, chinguya. You can actually download the desktop application and it is much easier than logging in to the web. Similar to Twitter, Mitu users have developed this application for our ease of use. And having using it for a few weeks now, I think “me2day Desktop Client” or me2dc is something that WE REALLY NEED in order to make use of Mitu (and actually enjoying it).

If you are an avid user of Twitter, you must be familiar with applications such as “DestroyTwitter”,”TweetDeck”, “Twitterrific” et cetera that let you login to Twitter without using the web. For Mitu however, I have only found one such application and that is me2dc. Installing and using it is so simple as I will show you now.

You can download the application here. Then look for the installer as shown in the screen shot below:

me2dc(As I was browsing, I found another download link to the application. Apparently, this one is more current – updated on March 12,2009. The previous one,as shown above was  in 2008. So, alternatively you can also download the application here).

Once you clicked the download link, you’ll see this window on your screen. Please proceed as usual.


After you have finished installing the application, you should start opening the installer package. And then you’ll be prompted with the dialog box as shown below:


Now that you have clicked the login button, you will be brought to the me2day web page (as shown below). All you have to do is click a button there. The next screen shows that your registration is successful.



Now, go to the me2dc window again, and clicked on the button. Once you clicked it, you’ll see your mitu page there.



Please explore the application yourself, as hands-on experience really helps. A. LOT. Just to show you what you can do, the last screen shot is how MY own Mitu-me2dc  page looks. I’ll share or update some more about how to make use of me2dc later.


Till then, have fun with your me2dc!! Annyeong!! ♥ ♥ ♥

[me2day] getting to know

For those who can’t read Korean Hangeul, exploring me2day [Mitu] page must be confusing and somewhat troublesome. Translating via Google Translate is definitely an option, but it would be a hassle trying to understand the MIXED UP English version translated or even worse, the ‘un-translated’ words. To me, translating helps, but not so much.

So, hopefully this entry will help you to familiarize yourself with what’s in store in your Mitu page. I’ll be posting screen shots, so you can try and see with your Mitu page too.

When you signed up, this is how your Mitu page looks like. This page is called 마이미투 (my mitu). You’ll see a navigation bar on your left. This is what we are going to explore today. Notice that the first button is active [ 모아보는/moaboneun]. You can see people’s status there,all of those who are using Mitu, not only your friends.


The next button is [ 나는/na neun ]. That’s your own Mitu page with all your Michins that you have written.


The third button is [ 친구들은/chingudeureun ]. In this page, you can see all of your friends’ Michins.


Then, the [ 친구들과/chingudeulgwa ] button. This page shows the Michins you and your friends exchange.


Next is the [ 소환받은/sohwanbadeun] button. This page shows the Michins in which you are mentioned or tagged by your friends.


The next one is the [ 쪽지/jjokji ] button. If you translate the word 쪽지, it means “message”. So this page is where your direct messages are. Messages here are different from the one you receive in the previous pages. It’s somehow the same like Twitter’s direct messages, or we can say it’s sort of private messages with can’t be viewed by others.


The last button is [ 들아보는/deulaboneun]. This page shows ALL your archives in Mitu. Notice that there two tabs there. One is your Michins, and the other one is the photos that you uploaded. I have yet to try uploading video, but I think, another tab will be visible if you add in video. Just my thoughts, it might not be the case. Hehe.


I think that’s all for this entry. Next up, me2day’s desktop client [me2dc] coming your way!!

[me2day] me2day to facebook

I am seriously ADDICTED to me2day now. SEVERELY ADDICTED.  I would Google for ways to make my me2day useful and easier to use. I came across an article somewhere [that I couldn’t recall], that “me2day” is in Facebook. I was so happy I almost jump for joy. Haha.

I quickly search for “me2day” in Facebook and assa!! It’s an application, which means it can be connected with me2day in any way. Then it strucked me. Since “me2day” is like Twitter, so updates/status must be in sync; meaning it can work the same like Twitter does. So to my fellow “me2day” crazed friends, here goes my first tutorial. 😀

First of all, please key in “me2day” in the Facebook search box. Once you are redirected to the application, please do as follows.


Now that you have done all of that, all you need to do is go into your me2day page, and write the status. Notice the smaller column underneath? It is actually the TAG column. That’s where you type 2fb.


Once you key in the tag, the status will appear in your Facebook and your status with  “via me2day” will be visible. Yup! It’s that simple!! 😀 And if you want to mention your friend in the status, just type the name, for example /G-Dragon/. But the name won’t have any link in Facebook. It’ll only appear in me2day.

I hope this helps. There are more to come. So wait up! 😉

new K-craze: me2day [미투대이]

The main reason I sorta ‘deserted’ this blog was because of “Facebook”. I’m so addicted to it I didn’t even bother to update any of my blogs, whether here, or in my personal blog. News and updates ‘travel’ so fast in Facebook that sometimes I couldn’t even keep up. But that’s what I like about it. And I guess people just hate to have to login in order to comment in blogs, as you can do it effortlessly in Facebook. (am I like..the Facebook ‘ambassador’ or what here?! LOL)

I got to know lots of new friends there, and we exchange our support and undying ♥  to Kpop through posts and pictures. It was fun and always made my day. 😀

One day I came across a comment in one of my friends’ post saying that she has a “me2day” account. Curious, I quickly Google-d for it and found out that “me2day” is Korean’s equivalent to the mighty “Twitter”. As I’m not really a fan of Twitter, I thought I should give “me2day” a try. The interface and settings are all in Hangeul. That fact might be a ‘downside’ to some, but on the contrary, it makes me want to join it even more. To me, it’s sort of my chance to make my Hanguk Mal better. And also, getting myself ‘closer’ to Hanguk sarami [people– and by it I meant “G-Dragon”  and “SHINee” in particular at that time. LOL]

So, almost all of my FB-Kpoppers friends made their own “me2day” account that couple of days and getting “jealous” of each other when G-Dragon or SHINee commented on their page. LOL. It was fun. Indeed “me2day” is more ‘happening’ to me than Twitter. And the craze/addiction got me digging for more info about “me2day”. I’ll share with you guys later.


mitu hom

me2day home page



my me2day page.