Noraebang #3-Even If I Die, I Cant Send You Away (죽어도 못보내)

This is the latest single by my favorite ballad group, 2AM. I think they did EXTREMELY well with their current mini album (with the same title) and I enjoyed all the tracks. This song however, never fails to give me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

I’m soooooo going to sing this at Noraebang! Hehe. Enjoy the song, if you haven’t listen to it. 🙂


Noraebang #2-Shabang Shabang (사방 사방)

A song by the Korean Trot Prince, Park Hyun Bin. It’s called “Shabang Shabang” which can be directly translated to “Twinkle Twinkle” (??). Truth be told, I MEMORIZED this song. Haha. For real.

Since a trot song is ‘kind of’ a MUST in Noraebang, so effortlessly I’ve memorized this song by heart. It’s one of the two trot songs that I memorized fully, the other one I’ll reveal it later. The lyrics is easy to follow, and I’d suggest you try looking for the translation. Hehe.

Ermm, pardon the cheekiness of the MV. If it’s in Malaysia/Indonesia, trot song is kind of an equivalent to “Dangdut”. But with more elegance and prestige,that is. Lol

credit to: PockyHeart @youtube

Noraebang #1- Love Rain (사랑 비)

Now that I’ve put up a post on Noraebang, I’m going to start another list. I’ll be posting some videos of the songs I wish to sing when I get to go to an AUTHENTIC Korean “Song Room” in Seoul. Hehe.

To my fellow travelmates; Shambie,Nana,Nadz,Nik,Yaa and Farhana, this is song #1. It’s called Love Rain (사랑 비), sung by one of my favorite singer, Kim Tae Woo.

A nice song,easy to your ears. And with his voice, Tae Woo oppa just swooned me off my feet. Enjoy!

credits:2istedStRsPro & adilahLoL@youtube

#8 on 50 Things about Korea – Karaoke (노래방)

Ref: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, episode 14.

From now on, I’ll be referring my blog entries to the drama that reminds me of the topic. Since I’ve done that in most of my entries I’ve written so far,so by telling you which drama you can relate to, I hope it helps. I’ll try to find clips too, but if I can’t find it then I hope the reference would do.

Today’s topic is Karaoke or as Koreans like to refer it to as Noraebang (노래방) – literally it means “Song Room”. This is definitely the TOP in my list of what-to-do-in Korea. Seriously. To those who are not familiar with the ‘culture’ might not see the difference between Noraebang and the usual karaoke-ing. But as an avid Korean drama fan, I’ve grown to adapt to this passion most (if not all) Koreans have about singing in Noraebang. And mind you, they don’t just sing in Noraebang. Lol.

There are like sort of the ‘unwritten rules’ when you go to a Noraebang. A trot song is a must. And you’ll sing while dancing like a retard (lol). And of course, there’s the maracas and tambourine to accompany your ‘performance’. Hehehe. I came to a conclusion that Koreans love singing. I should too?? Hehe.

Anyway, almost all k-dramas featured a scene in Noraebang, but the ultimate one for me is definitely in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I’d laugh like crazy every time I watch this scene. Rotfl. Need I say more? Watch this part, and pay extra attention towards the last 3 minutes. Hehe.

-video credit to JLINK27