How to add SHINee’s Onew in me2day


This is a special request from my kpop best friend; Vivian Onnie. She asked how to add Onew using the new me2day features. Well, actually I didn’t really notice the difference with the previous version, but I was aware of the upgraded features in me2day. And thankfully, since I’m now able to synchronize my Twitter and me2day, the work just gets easier. 🙂

So, to Viv Onnie, this is for you! Please click on the thumbnail for bigger view. 🙂

  1. First you have to go here. It’s the me2day page/channel of the new variety show Onew’s in, and it’s called “야행성”. Find Onew there. 🙂
  2. After you have clicked the button, then you can write a message for him.
  3. This is an example of my message to Onew. I wrote to him in Hangul. 🙂 Btw, I translated what I wrote in red fonts.
  4. That’s all. Now you just have to wait for Onew to approve your friend request. 🙂

officially SHINee-d

I have to admit that when SHINee first debuted, I didn’t give much attention to them. Yeah, they had swooned a lot of NOONAS’ heart with “Replay”, but for me it was just an okay song. It didn’t get me want to listen to it over and over. The next single, “Love Like Oxygen” attracted me, but not up to a point where it got repeated in my playlist. “A.Mi.Go” came about, and I just think the song was useless. No purpose. SHINee to me was just another idol band trying to make it in the Kpop world, and they failed to attract me.

Things got even worse with “Juliette”. Upon listening to the song, and watching their so-called “transformation”, I became officially a HATER. Or ANTI-FAN in the Kpop term. I even speculate that they RECYCLED the skinny jeans from SoNyeoShiDae’s “Gee”. [hahaha]. That song was plain stupid and their image was horrible. Enough said.

shineeH.O.W.E.V.E.R, the boys outdone themselves in their latest mini album “2009-Year Of Us”. Or at least to me. The first single “Ring Ding Dong” has finally won the ♥ heart ♥ of this Noona [that’s ME!!!]. Haha.  And surprisingly, I like ALL the songs featured in the mini album, especially “SHINee Girl”. And ‘thanks’ to Y.O.U, I am now officially SHINee-d (smitten by SHINee’s “Key” in particular!) LOL

IMHO, SHINee has done very well in this album. All of their previous singles sound similar to my ears, but this album has definitely shown the new [and hotter] side of SHINee. Who said boys in skinny jeans can’t be HOT?? Hehe. Well done boys, Noona love you Key guys so much!